Back to School

This morning, I had to go to a 2-hour class on how to use this new program here. We have a training in a system right now that has to be moved over to this new program, so I had to go learn how to do all that. I will say….even the classes that aren’t my cup of tea are kinda’ fun to go to – just because it gets me out of the office and doing something different for a while. It wasn’t horribly interesting, but it got my brain working in a different way than any normal day in the office.

We’re having okay weather here right now, so Nick and I ate outside. It’s not sunny and it’s a little muggy since it’s going to rain again, but we wanted to get out for the little time that we could.

I had the rest of the salad from lunch yesterday + an extra tomato


The olives in this made the salad – so tangy!

Plus the last of the corn + refried beans with a veggie burger. I was too lazy to pack any bread so I just ate it all with my fork.


and some cantaloupe + frozen and thawed berries


Only 4 more hours until the weekend – Thank goodness!

Make sure to check these out!

Do you do the same thing in your job everyday or do you have lots of different things to do?

Mine is the basically the same exact things, all day, every day. I like having new things to do! It makes the day go by faster.


  1. I do different things every day which is why being a scientist rocks!

  2. I work in a law firm, so while it is a lot of repetitive things, i.e., typing, filing, copying, etc. – when one of my bosses is on trial then the fun starts! Its chaotic, but it makes the days go by so fast!

  3. I have loved the jobs I have had where I got to do all different things…I get bored easily! Though routine and knowing what to expect and how to do it is also nice!

    If we ever meet for lunch, you can have my olives!

  4. At my job – I’m on my feet interacting all the time so it definitely makes the time I’m there fly by!

    Eww to the humidity – it’s like a rain forest here too!

  5. As an actors, I spend 90% of my time NOT working. But when I do, it’s 18 hour days and intense. I used to hate the ups and downs, but now I’ve accepted it and realized I like the unpredictable nature. Anything can happen and change overnight! That’s crazy!

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