Working Breakfast

Today I’m going to a breakfast with my big time boss and anyone else in our department with a birthday in May/June.

I’m already starving since this is the time I’m usually eating, but I’m holding out so I can actually be hungry to eat something there.

As far as I know, they’ll have the normal breakfast buffet things (gravy, biscuits, fruit salad, bacon, eggs, etc) but I also heard they will have an omelet station!

My plan is to get an omelet, some fruit, maybe some toast, coffee + milk if they have it.

That should be filling and not too sugary that it throws me off balance for the day. I know that there will also be tons of breakfast pastries, but those on their own never fill me up and it’s just too much sugar this early in the morning.

I’m probably not going to be taking pictures since this is the VP of our department “treating us” to breakfast and he doesn’t work in our actual department so I don’t know him that well.

Make sure to check in later for that muffin recipe  :)


Do you usually have a plan for work breakfasts/lunches like this that are buffets or already set menus?


  1. I usually try to find out where the meal will be and, if they have a menu, I look over it once or twice to get an idea of a dish I might enjoy. I also try to have a snack before I go so I don’t walk into the meal starving. Last, but not least, I just try to make the smartest decisions possible without feeling like I’m completely depriving myself. Hope this helps!

  2. I like planning ahead, but if it’s not a regular occurance, I say enjoy it! Everything in moderation, right? And one meal in the grand scheme of things won’t make a difference to eat what looks good even if it is different from your usual. :D have a great day Brandi!

  3. I try to find out what will be on the menu to ensure that there will be a vegetarian option. Have fun – enjoy yourself :)

    Can’t wait for the muffin recipe!!

  4. such a good idea to plan ahead. Brandi, I’m with you on the avoiding sugary things that will put your whole day off. I’m totally sensative to sugar and avoiding sugar-laden things will make me feel soooo much better.

    I’m not saying I ALWAYS follow the plan. But if I do, my day is almost always better for it.

    Enjoy your breakfast!

  5. I try to find out an idea of what’s going to be on the menu–I hope for fruit, and a vegetarian option. I hope you have a good time!

  6. An omelet station! Wow, sounds awesome! I’d be sticking with that option too. Hope you have a great breakfast :-)

  7. Stock up on all the fruit/veg that you can and try to avoid the muffins! Catered muffins are so caloric, I’ve noticed. Or maybe eat 1/2 a muffin and then save the rest for later.

    I think the most important thing to keep in mind though is that you are not always in this situation, so if you eat something you don’t normally eat – that’s OK!

  8. My office always gets bagels. I try to have yogurt on hand so I can eat that instead. :-)

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