Ding, Dong, The Headache's Dead

I am really trying not to jinx it, but I don’t feel any remnants of my headache right now – whew! I still have a good stock of Aleve + caffeine if needed, but it seems like that headache is gone for good this week.

Is it rainy where you are? I’ve been in such a gloomy mood lately – all this week, all it’s done is rain and rain and rain some more. I just need a little sunshine in my life! Is that too much to ask for in the summertime?

Lunch today was tasty, but not so pretty thanks to the awesomely bad lighting in my office.

I had a salad with romaine, spinach, tomato and the last glop of guacamole we had left


A refried bean  + cheese + hot sauce wrap


Plus this huge orange I sliced up this morning


Thank goodness parts of my lunch were colorful – that helps a bit on these gray days.

Nick and I ran to Lowe’s at lunch to look for some new drawer pulls for our dressers, but I guess they don’t make any in the size we need. They’re old/antique dressers, so I think we may just try spray painting them to see how we like them.

I’ve got about 10 minutes left of my lunch break  – too bad I didn’t bring a book with me!

Dinner tonight will be good – I’m making one of my favorite meals from my mom  :)


  1. Glad your headache’s gone!

  2. oh la la that cheesy wrap sounds awesome :)

    i notice when the weather is icky and rainy i get horrible headaches.

  3. It’s rainy and flooding here! I kind of like it though – I need a dreary day now and then!

    I love that bean and cheese wrap! Mmmmm!! I love going to Lowe’s, there’s a lot of cute handymen that work there ;)

  4. Augh, I know what you mean. This rain MUST go away! We finally had a little sun this afternoon, so I’m just hoping it will stay out! :)

    Loving the close up of the orange. Looks so good!

    Enjoy cooking up dinner tonight!


  5. You know, everytime the pressure changes before a big rain/storm event, I get a killer headache. I’m better at predicting the weather than the weatherman… I could do without that skill though. I am so glad your headaches gone.

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