Little Pills Work Wonders

Well, my headache is almost gone right now, but I can feel it coming back. :(

My friend at work had some excedrine migraine and I think that + coffee helped a lot. It seemed to just about go away a few hours ago, but not completely, and I can feel it creeping back in. I bought a diet drpepper at lunch so I can have some more caffeine this afternoon if I need it, plus I had aleve in my purse, too. I’m hoping it just doesn’t come back full force! This was probably the worst one I’ve had in years so I do not want it pounding in my head this afternoon.

Lunch today was easy leftovers, especially since I had no energy to pack anything else last night.


I had another serving of my veggie mac + extra broccoli for lunch, drizzled with a little olive oil

Easy and it didn’t require much thinking or work on my part last night….which is good since I was stuck to the couch for hours with my head between 2 pillows to keep the light out of my eyes!

And then this.

I bought this yesterday at lunch but had no desire to eat it yesterday. I could have had it, and almost did, but I wanted to have it when I would actually enjoy it, so Nick and I split this at lunch.


We went to this local bakery and they had fresh French Macaroons, so I had to pick up a chocolate one to try.


This was so light and chewy and it had the best cocoa flavor. I wish I could have taken a picture of the middle but I was too busy making a mess – there was this little pocket of chocolate ganache filling right in the middle. So good – a great little desset in the middle of a gloomy, achy day.

I have a fun snack for this afternoon with something I made last night – I haven’t tried it yet, but they smelled good so I’m hoping I can post the recipe later!

Here’s hoping my headache doesn’t come storming back *crossing fingers*

Have you ever had a macaroon like this one? What’s your favorite flavor if you have?

They had chocolate and a vanilla one, I think. I may need to go back to try the other one. This was delicious.


  1. oh. my. gosh. that macaroon looks incredible and your photos are beautiful!! i’ve never had one like that, but i’d love to learn how to make one!

    i’m sorry you’re still fighting off your awful headache but i’m glad the excedrin migraine is helping a bit. i, too, was glued to the couch last night, but i’ve been down and out with the flu since sunday. hopefully this means we’ll be perfectly healthy for the whole summer to come :)

    take it easy!

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your headache does not come back!
    That macaroon looks great, I’ve never had anything like that!

  3. THOSE! Are macaroons! I love those kind oh so much!! Chocolate is good, hazelnut is the best though so if you see that try it :)

  4. That macaroon looks good! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hope you are feeling better!

    I need to recreate your veggie mac n cheese – that may be my lunch tomorrow – thanks for the idea!

    I don’t eat many sweets, but those macaroons look amazing!!

  6. sending good healing vibes your way! am sure the chocolate will help :)

    I’ve never had a macaroon- well, not on like I see on blogs (I have had the Jewish kind which are made from coconut?) Are they like meringues? They look great :D

  7. i think macaroons are the key to getting better :). that French macaroon looks amazing – i’ve only ever had the tin can ones, which i am guessing aren’t the best, haha!

  8. your photography is gorgeous!!
    mmm french macaroons..yum!

  9. I have had those cookies before; pistashio was the flavor I tried. My only criticism is that it was too small….I could eat several! I LOVE merangue things.

  10. Ohh, macaroons are so lovely! I believe I had them in France once a very long time ago but I really cannot remember for sure. I know I have heard about them everywhere and kept thinking I want to get them. I have been dying to go to Paris forever so when I do go, I shall have my macaroons. They sell them at various bake shops here, real authentic French ones and all but it\’s just not the same. I want to be surrounded by french speaking people and chic madmoiselles while sipping a capuccino and having a raspberry, mango, chocolate or hazelnut macaroon. Ladurée in Paris would be the ultimate pleasure. That place is so fancy they won\’t even allow you to take photos in the shop! They\’ve got a Ladurée in London as well. Wow, I\’m rambling. Sorry! Haha!

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