Adios Headache!

I don’t know if it was the pills, caffeine or that macaroon, but my head feels so much better right now.

I can still feel a little tiny ache right in the middle of my head, but it’s not getting worse and my head isn’t throbbing, so I’ll take it! Thank you all so much for your notes and suggestions – I really appreciate them! I hate having headaches this bad because it honestly feels like nothing will help, but maybe it just ran its course? As long as I don’t wake up with it again, I’ll be happy.

I was looking forward to my afternoon snack so much today! In between my headache stupor last night, I somehow remembered to bake some muffins I’d been wanting to try and they turned out really good!

I crumbled mine on top of some plain Oikos – and it was good.


 I am getting a little too used to having this greek yogurt all the time. The Oikos have been buy one get one free at Kroger for the past 3 weeks so I bought all that they had left last week! I wish they were always that price – I could buy them a lot more often.

I think my muffins turned out well! They’re kind of my homemade version of vitamuffins since I can’t find them here. Don’t worry – I’ll be posting the recipe soon  :)

I wanted to have a filling snack *just in case* it happened to not be raining so we could go running. Sadly, it was raining, again, when we got home. So – I just put on my mp3 player, went downstairs and did the Power Vinyasa Flow #4 from and it was awesome. This is one of their 20 minute ones, but it didn’t feel that short! It was fast in some parts and I definitely got my heart pumping.

I just finished eating dinner, which was another taco salad with the leftovers from last night.


I think this stuff gets better the next day – the spices were all soaked into the ground beef and the guacamole was really spicy tonight! It was good and easy to throw together once I finished yoga.

I’ve got to get this recipe written down and pack my lunch for tomorrow – see you for a breakfast I’ve been waiting to make  :)

Have you tried vitamuffins?


  1. I’m thinking it was the macaroon that got rid of your headache!! Don’t they cure everything?! Yum! I loooove vitamuffins–when I first got a sample from them I knew it was a huge mistake–now I order them all the time..but my fam is in love so I don’t think they mind forking the bill hahahah

  2. oh yea- I love vitamuffins especially the deep chocolate ones. They are amazingly delish and the perfect portion size. I don’t know how they do it!

  3. Glad you’re feeling better!

    I haven’t tried vitamuffins yet, but really want to since everyone says they are so good!

  4. Vita muffins are my new obsession! We only have 3 flavors here but I am dying to try the rest.

  5. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I haven’t tried VitaMuffins either, but with a recipe that looks as good as yours, why bother? :)

  6. Glad you’re doing better. I have tried VM and I hate them, lol! Totally taste like carboard, imo.

  7. yay! I’m glad your headache is over. I’ll say it’s the coffee, because that’s what I recommended to you and I like to be right. hahahaha! ;-)
    I’ve tried vitamuffins before, but don’t find them to be so spectacular.

  8. Yeah for your headache going away! Your muffin plus Oikos looks fabulous! YUM!

    I love taco salad too and with guacamole to boot – delish!

  9. Good to hear your headache is gone, I just got a headache yesterday and it\’s still bugging me. I guess I need a macaroon after all ;) I think I\’m coming down with some flu or something though because my throat is kind of swollen and hurting as well. Boo! I haven\’t tried vitamuffins but I would love to since I\’ve heard so much about them. Unfortunately they\’re not available here in Sweden as far as I know so I\’ll have to try to get them when or if I go to the US.

  10. Yay, glad you’re feeling better!

    I didn’t know Kroger was selling Oikos as BOGO — maybe they still are and I can get some.

    I’ve tried Vitamuffins a few times — sometimes they’re good, sometimes they taste too “vitamin-y.” I do prefer the chocolatey ones and like them better when they’re warmed up.

  11. I love vitamuffins, especially the tops. So delicious!

  12. There are 1.00 coupons off stoneyfield farms yogurt( makers of oikos) in a natural foods coupon books in that section @ Kroger. They took it off the B1G1 free yogurt.

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