Migraine Monday

Ugh, I hate starting the work week off on a bad note! I’ve had a really bad headache for the past couple of hours and it doesn’t seem to be going away. I’m hoping my aleve will kick in soon because I  still have 4 hours of work left!  And that’s 4 hours of staring at a computer screen, which is not so helpful.

My breakfast was good and hearty and held me all morning long, thank goodness. I’m glad I wasn’t hungry and searching for a snack with this headache.

Lunch was some more of my veggie mac from the other night – we still have a good amount of this left, so I may end up freezing some for later. For now, it serves as great lunches.


I also had some broccoli and cauliflower, thanks to those freezer-steamer bags.


and an apple


Nick and I just ran a few errands at lunch, stopped by the bank, and picked up some sweet treats. I can’t wait to have mine! I hate when I get something fun to eat, but I’m not hungry enough to eat it yet.

Just so my whiney-headachy-ness isn’t too pathetic today, here are some fun things you should check out:

Any tried-and-true headache remedies?


  1. I hope your day/week gets better. Your lunch looks YUMMY!

  2. Unfortunately I don’t but I feel your pain all too well. Feel better soon!

  3. Sometimes a powernap during breaktime(15 minutes with a cool napkin/cloth over my eyes) will help take the edge off my headaches.

    Indirect light helps. Can you turn off the lights in your office but maybe leave the door ajar so some light comes in so you can still work? Or if you are in a cubicle (like me) turn off your overhead lights on shelves…try wearing sunglasses…dim the brightness of your computer screen…forward your phone calls to voicemail so your phone isn’t ringing constantly, make sure the A/C is doing it’s thing(cool is key for me!!!), sip some warm chamomile tea, etc…

    Take slow deep breaths periodically.

    I feel your pain. I keep excedrine migraine in my purse, desk and at home – it a great help because although it doesn’t always get rid of the migraine, it takes enough of the edge off so I can at least make it home safely then take the prescription migraine med. I also bought this roll on aromatherapy stuff at Bath & Body Works that has peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil…supposed to help with headaches too.

    Sorry it’s been a booger of a day so far. :(

    Hope you feel better soon

  4. When I have a headache it’s usually my sign that I haven’t been drinking enough. Of course it’s not an instant fix but I notice I’m usually feeling better a few hours after a big dose of water!

  5. I am sorry you have a migraine! I wish I could give you some tips to get it outta your head–but I cannot. I have not had a migraine before and usually have about 2 headaches a year–and when I do, I lay down and take a nap. And if when I wake up I am still aching, I take a bubble bath.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog! I will definitely keep up with your blog–I love it!

  6. Hope you feel better soon!

    Taking 1 Tylenol and 1 Advil seems to help me. A friend of mine told me about this — one stops the source of the pain and the other stops you from feeling the pain.

    I also massage the area that’s hurting and that seems to alleviate it a bit. It always worked when my grandmother did it to me. :)

  7. I’m sorry- headaches are horrible! My preferred remedy is tylenol and some sleep, but sitting for 15 mins in a dark room massaging your forehead might help?

  8. Ugh – as soon as I saw your title, I felt bad for you! Migraines are horrible!! If it’s not a full blown migraine, there’s a trigger point between your thumb and first finger (the meaty part) that when you pinch it can help alleviate the pain. It works sometimes with me but not when it’s a migraine.

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