Mexican Might Make it Better

Well, my headache is still alive and kickin’. I have a feeling I’ll be taking some more pain meds + hitting the couch in my pjs soon. My head is just throbbing behind my eyes and down into my jaw. The weird thing is that it will kind of go away for a little while, but then come storming back. I think I just need a long night of sleep.

This afternoon, while trying to avert my eyes from my computer as much as possible (which is impossible in my job since everything is on the computer), I tried a new bar + yogurt combination.


I liked the little chocolate chips in the  bar, but this was tiny! I know it’s a kid one, so that makes sense, but I don’t know if I’ll buy many of these for me. It was good in my yogurt, though.

The rain cleared up this afternoon and I was hoping my headache would go away so we could run, but that did not happen. We haven’t run in over a week – the last time we ran was our 10K 2 weekends ago! I’m hoping the weather will be clear tomorrow and that my head will be better because I want to get outside!

Head throbbing + no running = Mexican Meal for Two


Nick cooked some lean ground beef with onion, cumin, salt, ancho chili powder…and I’m not sure what else.

I heated up the beans + cut up lettuce + made guacamole.

this meal was just what  I needed.

My grande taco salad had:

  • fat free refried beans
  • ground beef
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  •  guacamole


And I’m out for the night! I just can’t look at the computer anymore  :( 

See you in the morning for a good breakfast!!! and thanks for all your headache-relieving tips!


  1. Love the sounds of your taco salad! I haven’t tried that Jamfrackas flavor yet – I like that you put it in yogurt :)


  2. Jamfrackas are small, but that flavor sounds delish! I’ve never seen it before. I would def use those bars to crumble in yogurt, but I’m not a fan of them on their own.
    Feel better and have a lovely night!

  3. Sorry about the headache. The yogurt and jamfrackas combo looks yummy!
    Take it easy, and feel better soon!

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry about your persisting headache…What abt a good cup of strong coffee? Maybe some caffeine will help? Feel better soon, dear!

  5. This looks so simple and yet, delicious! I love fat-free refriend beans, I think they taste better than full-fat and make such a great side dish or recipe ingredient!

  6. Headaches are no fun at all! I am blessed that I never get them, but my poor mom suffers from bad sinus headaches so I know how they can ruin everything! Good thing you always have good eats to look forward to ;-) I have seen those banana bars a few times now, they look good–well because I love everything bananas!

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