Good morning! We have been up since 6 am waiting to eat breakfast  :)  It’s sad that we just can’t sleep in anymore, but at least we get a nice headstart on the day.

Nick and I have been looking forward to breakfast today ever since I found the recipe a few days ago.

And yes, you read the title right. Bacon’n’Waffles.


I found this recipe for Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles over at Joy, The Baker’s place. First – if you have not gone to see her, do! She has fabulous recipes, amazing pictures, and I want her to be my new best baking friend  :)

I had never had pancakes or waffles with bacon in them, but this recipe looked and sounded so good that I thought it was worth a shot.

Now, I did healthy-it-up a little, too. We only used 4 slices of bacon and 2 Tbsp of brown sugar to bake the bacon – it is just two of us, after all. Also, instead of her batter recipe, I found a multigrain waffle recipe at that I used instead. I wanted the waffle part to be a little healthier since we were putting brown sugar baked bacon in them, plus I didn’t want to end up with 20 waffles and no where to put them.

It turned out perfect!


We had ours with some strawberries and a peach to round out the meal.


Even if I don’t make bacon waffles that often, I may keep baking the bacon with the brown sugar. It was so good, almost like candied bacon. The combination of the melted/caramelized brown sugar on the crisp bacon was amazing.


Hello, sweet bacon.

We also had coffee to start our busy day.


I’ve got to get changed, grab a hat and some sunscreen – we’re going on a 7 mile kayak trip this morning on the river. It should be fun and I’m sure my arms may be killing me later  :)

Any fun plans this weekend?


  1. Those waffles look sooooo yummy in the tummy!

  2. This combo sounds interesting! I have never been one to like the flavor/texture of bacon though–even turkey bacon won’t do it for me & sadly the fam aren’t fans I won’t be trying this one :-( But glad you&Nick liked it!

  3. I’ve heard of bacon waffles before but haven’t had them (no meat here!). They sound kind of intriguing though – I could see the appeal!

  4. That sounds like a delicious meal and a great chance for some breakfast variety! Have an awesome kayak trip and pop some Advil with pride when you get back ;-)

  5. That reminds me of a restaurant that I used to go to that had bacon pancakes on the menu! Although, your waffles sound much better!

    Have a fun time today!

  6. wow, what a great way to make bacon! :)

    My roommate from college is in town for the weekend and the fam’s coming over tonight for my dad’s bday BBQ. Should be fun!

  7. What a great idea!! I do love me some bacon despite normally being a health nut!

    My weekend was already exciting: Penguins win the Stanley Cup!!!!!!! Tonight we will be cheering on UVa Baseball in the College World Series. Mike announces for them usually but he’s just producing the game tonight. I’m going with him to work!

  8. Ohhhh yum! I have some bacon lovers in my life who are going to be super stoked to see this recipe. Might have to make a bacon breakfast buffet soon! :)

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