The Dangers of Foot Flushing

So, I totally kicked the side of the toilet paper holder while trying to flush the toilet today and ripped off a little chunk of skin of my foot. Graceful, huh? At least no one else was in there to hear me falling around in the stall.

I know I’m not the only one who flushes with their foot in public bathrooms, right? I know it’s gross to put the bottom of my shoe on the handle, but I think it’s grosser to touch a handle that other people have touched right after they’ve gone to the bathroom and before they’ve washed their hands (if they even do that….and some don’t. I’ve seen it with my own eyes).

My PSA for today is: Be careful standing on one leg, in wedge heels, in a tiny stall while trying to flush the toilet. You may end up with a little battle scar, too.

Okay, that’s done and out of the way, and my embarrassing story for Friday, June 12, 2009 is complete.  You’ll learn pretty quickly that I’m a klutz who falls for no reason, jumps off my bike ‘cause I think it’s a good idea, slips in my own yard in flip flops, etc. It’s normal for me to be bruised at any given time.

So, lunch = leftovers. Surprised?  I didn’t think so.


They were good, though!

I basically had the same thing I had for dinner:

A serving or so of the veggie mac mixed with about  a cup/cup and a half of broccoli, plus some of the smoked turkey.

And an orange for some fruit.


One more PSA for today: Don’t go to Walmart, at lunch time, trying to return books you ordered online. It took

Be honest – are you a hand or foot flusher in public restrooms?


  1. foot flusher FOR SURE! ive managed to stay injury free so far though…

    i just found your blog through rose’s. cant wait to keep reading


  2. Ha, ha! I am definitely a foot flusher.

  3. Definitely a foot-flusher. And I’ve had my wobbly moments, standing on one leg, in heels!

  4. foot-flusher. hahaha on the story!

  5. Foot flusher all the way, although sometimes that does require some precarious positions!

  6. I’m definitely a foot flusher! One day, I think I heard someone in the bathroom say they were a foot flusher and I thought about how many shoes must have been on the handle before my hand touched it and I was totally grossed out. I realize that, of course, I’m about to wash my hands after flushing so it shouldn’t matter, but I can’t get the thought out of my head to this day!

    If it makes you feel better, a friend of mine went to the bathroom on one of her first days at a new job. She was admiring her “caboose” in the mirror as she entered the stall because she was having a nice jeans = nice caboose kind of day. When she entered the stall, she checked her behind again in admiration, lost her balance, fell backwards into the toilet. wearing her jeans. and the seat rim was up. guess who had to walk out of the bathroom with a wet caboose?!

  7. hand flusher! but I am very diligent about washing my hands/using purel afterwards.

    That pasta/broccoli salad looks yummy, bet it’s great leftover!

  8. Love your PSA!!

    Total foot flusher here! My kids, who are often crammed in the stall with me, laugh at me when I do it though. I’m a klutz too, so it is a good thing I don’t wear heels! I’m sure I’d hurt myself!!

  9. I am so a foot flusher! and a foot seat putter downer. I recently was yelled at in the library for the noise I made when pushing the seat down with my foot. Ooops!
    Apparently also flip flops are the devil when it comes to walking. I love them, but last summer fell once and got in a minor fender bender a couple of days later in the same flip flops, both times my foot slipped out! I still wear them; don’t tell my mom! :)

  10. I do the foot thing from time to time but that’s too funny!! Mmm veggie mac :)

  11. definitely a foot flusher. i work with all guys at the running store, so i also have to put the seat down with my foot, too. that takes grace!

  12. Haha your story made me laugh! I am also a foot flusher. A few years ago I was at a wedding and when I used the bathroom I flushed with my foot like usual. Well, I hit my foot against a sharp edge, proceeded to knock a jewel off of my fancy heels and get a nasty cut on the top of my foot! When I told everyone the story, they yelled at me for using my foot.

    the veggie mac looks delicious!!

  13. Ow – hope your foot is ok! Yes, I am totally guilty of using my foot too because seriously – it’s better for your health :) Well, unless you are in wedge heels LOL.

    I agree – returns at Walmart are SOOO slow anytime!

  14. 100% foot flusher 24/7!!!

  15. I’ve never heard of foot flushing, to be honest! It sounds like a really good idea (even if it is a little hazardous ;) ) I’m definitely going to start doing it now.

  16. I think it’s WEIRD if people DON’T flush with their foot :)

    I do yoga partially because so I can reach the handles that are really high hahah

  17. foot. but i never thought of flushing with the foot until someone told me about it a couple of years ago. i have no idea what i was thinking.

    i’m sure you’re not the only one who has sustained injuries in a bathroom stall. i once dropped my purse in a public toilet. how’s that for clutzy? it went in upside down, meaning things got dumped INTO the toilet. AND in went my cell phone and camera too. AND it was my 6 month dating anniversary with my then boyfriend who became my husband.

  18. New reader here, like your blig! I’m a foot flusher for sure!

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