All Growed Up

Are there any foods that just make you feel like a kid again when you have them?

One of mine is chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk, and don’t have it nearly enough. Especially since it just makes me happy.


Surprisingly, oatmeal is not one of those foods. I actually did not like oatmeal when I was younger – I don’t know what it was, but I never ate it until I was in college. Can you believe that? I’m so glad I got over that.


  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • handful blueberries
  • cinnamon, and more cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp cinnamon raisin pb


This peanut butter is awesome – I think I may like it a little better than the chocolate one, which is crazy! Now if I could just find the mighty maple and white chocolate….

I also had a big glass of icy cold chocolate milk this morning – I was planning on having this no matter what I actually had for breakfast. It hit the spot.


Yes, I like my chocolate milk verrrrry chocolate-y  :)  If I’m going to have it, I want it to taste like chocolate milk!

What are your “make you feel like a kid again” foods/drinks?


  1. Mine is Mac and Cheese….the boxed kind with the powdered cheese. I eat it *very* rarely now, because I know how awful it is for you, but when I do, I usually don’t add the butter and sometimes I’ll put in a can of Ro-Tel to make it spicy. Yum:)

  2. As weird as it sounds, mine is natural peanut butter. My mom always had it in the house when I was little, and then when I went away to college, I started getting the “normal” stuff.

  3. Mine is PB & J. I was a picky eater as a kid and that is the only sandwich I would eat for lunch. I think I had one everyday until I was in high school! :P

  4. That bowl of oats is right up my alley!!! Love the simple toppings of blueberries and nut butter. I really wanna try that one, I have Dark Chocolate Dreams in my fridge, and I have to admit I really don’t care to eat it nearly as much as raw crunchy AB. But that cinnamon raisin sounds quite delish.
    When I was little I would attempt to make macaroni and it was basically just curly noodles cooked them topped with really good cheese and microwaved till the cheese got all melty in it. That really brings me back to my childhood. There is probably more things, but that’s all I can think of right now.
    Have a lovely day!!

  5. A banana with peanut butter AND chocolate chips. Staple snack throughout my childhood years. i’ve some how lost the chocolate chip part recently, but when i remember it takes me back :)

  6. Brandi,
    Ice cold chocolate milk – there is really nothing like it. Mac & cheese will always take me back to my youth, especially when served with hot dog and lots of mustard. Used to be my favorite dinner as a kid.

  7. P.S.
    Loved all your comments on Diana’s list…hilarious. Good to know CD isn’t the only husband thinking the computer gets all the lovin. :)

  8. Mmm yes, chocolate milk is a big one for me. But also, Pop Tarts, popsicles, and the mac & cheese from a box.

  9. A big mug of hot chocolate does it for me… oh and with marshmallows too… on a chilly day! Yum, yum, yum :)

  10. I would have to say some type of cereal–like Fruity Pebbles or Cap N Crunch. All that sugary cereal that I would always eat like a box of!! =) Or Oreo cookies w/PB. We ate those all the time as little kids. Oh the joys of not-so-healthy childhood memories =P

  11. My dad’s homemade oven baked rice pudding! I haven’t had it for ages, but just the smell makes me feel 5 years old again!

    The white chocolate PB is really good, but it’s much thicker than smooth and the flavor kind of gets lost amidst fruity oats…definitely worth trying though!

    have a great day :)

  12. Love your chocolate milk. Mac and cheese definitely makes me feel like a kid again! And hot chocolate with big fluffy marshmallows :D Reminds me of all the wintery days where my sister and I would come in from sledding, and my mom would make us hot chocolate.

    I never liked oatmeal when I was little, either. I actually didn’t like breakfast for a while–shocking! I looooove it now, though!

    I love the mighty maple pb, but I had to buy it online. I coudn’t find it anywhere! It was worth it though, mmm!

  13. Hmmm I agree with mac & cheese from a box. Or freeze pops!

  14. I love “kid” foods! Yesterday I had a PBJ but what brings back childhood to me is the 100% sugar cereals (cinnamon toast crunch – oh yea!)

  15. PB and fluffernutter on white bread! That’s something I would never eat now but it would definitely take me back! hehe!

  16. Yum your oats looks so great this am! I love the blueberries they look really fresh and plump! My feel like a kid again food would be mac and cheese!! And ring pops!! LOL ;)

  17. Chocolate milk for sure! Also, tuna casserole, peanut butter & jelly on french bread & pierogis.

  18. Homemade pizza with carrot sticks and apple juice. We always had that went babysitters came to watch us!

  19. Applesauce! :-)

  20. That’s funny about your “relationship” with oatmeal, because I ate it NONSTOP as a kid, stopped liking it at all for probably 15+ years, and now I’m addicted again! Who knew?

  21. Your oatmeal looks scrumptious!

    My kid food is not chocolate milk…but strawberry milk! The nesquik power stuff!

  22. that bowl of oatmeal looks ridiculously delicious! have a good weekend!

  23. My mom’s meatloaf. However, when I make it, it never turns out quite like hers.
    My fave PB is the white chocolate – yum!

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