Rainy Relaxing

Seriously. More rain? I feel like that’s the only weather we’ve had for months now.

At least I had a good snack for my gloomy afternoon – I finally decided to try mixing some pb2 into my yogurt


I mixed in a little less than 1 tsp of the pb2 into my Oikos container and then topped it with the other half of my banana that I didn’t use in my sandwich at lunch.


I thought it was pretty good, but I think I would add more of the pb2 next time – I could taste it, but not very much. It was nice to have the faint flavor of peanut butter in my yogurt, though. Definitely good for a change.

I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to run today because of the weather, so once we got home, I changed clothes and did one of my yoga videos. I have not done anything since our race on Saturday, so it felt nice to just move and stretch and breathe. My legs and feet were still so sore in weird places after the trail run that we didn’t go running earlier this week, and now it’s been raining so I was glad to have a night in to do yoga.

Dinner was easy leftovers tonight – I love leftovers!


I took a serving of my veggie mac from the other night and mixed it with a cup or so of broccoli and some of the smoked turkey, then topped it with some crushed red pepper.


I think I liked this better with everything mixed together in one bowl – I got all the different flavors and textures in every bite. Any guesses what I’m having for lunch tomorrow?  :)

I’ve got to get working on a grocery list + meal plans for next week – I do have a fun and ridiculous breakfast meal planned for this weekend. It should be fabulous!

and glad you all liked my butt imprint from my couch – it’s not permanently there, but that is my spot. I thought it was funny that I could actually document it!

Night! Tomorrow is Friday!!!


  1. Yay for the PB2 in the Greek! For what it’s worth, I usually use about a tablespoon. It gets REALLY thick!

    Have a great evening!!

  2. It’s been raining here too, and I’m just about done with it!

  3. I agree – enough rain already! Bring on some sunshine!

  4. lunch: more of that cinna-raisin PB, I’ll bet! lol.
    way to jazz up leftovers! It looks even better!
    and yeah, agreed, I HATE this dreary weather!!

  5. Haha from the comments it seems like everyone is experiencing the same crappy weather. I too am ready for the sun! Isn’t that supposed to be part of summer?! :)

    Have a nice night!

  6. So THAT’S what PB2 looks like!

  7. I wish I could get hold of PB2 here! I’ve been super interested in it since I first heard about it in the bloggie world, sounds like such a cool product. We’ve got a TON of rain and cold weather here too, it’s been going on for almost two weeks. Makes me so sad, it’s supposed to be summer! :(

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