Gloomy Days Are Great For Shopping

Good morning!

Well….I stayed up and watched all of Top Chef – right until the very end! I saw when they were talking to the judges and everything, but I didn’t see who won – I hate when I do that  :)  I guess I’ll have to look it up today. Those 10 pm shows always do that to me – I can usually make it until the last 5-10 minutes. I’m really glad LOST isn’t on at 10 anymore. That season was so hard for me to stay up and watch.

Breakfast today was an old favorite. I love all the breakfasts I’ve been having, but this is one of my favorite standby’s, and I really wanted some runny eggs.


Eggs over easy, cooked in a little olive oil, over oatbran.


Some really good cantaloupe and strawberries – this cantaloupe is so juicy! It was really good with the strawberries.

Plus a cup of milk


I like when I’m happy eating my breakfast – it’s a good way to start the day and puts me in a good mood before I get to work.

Make sure to check out Angela’s Shop4aCause today! It’s rainy and gloomy here, which is the perfect shopping weather  :) Plus you can do this shopping in your pjs if you want!


  1. Aw yay for happy breakfasts! :) Here’s hoping it really started your day off right and is a sign of good vibes to come.

  2. happy Thursday! nothing like a bowl of sweet strawberries and canteloupe to start your day! have a good one :)

    (I can NEVER stay up long enough to see the end of shows!)

  3. I missed Top Chef, too tired :(

    MMm I bet eggs over oats is an amazing breakfast!

  4. Ahh I totally forgot about Top Chef!
    How do you make a normal egg breakfast look so good! I’m craving eggs!

  5. I always love your breakfast pairings, it makes me crave eggs and fruit in the morning!

    I missed Top Chef but I DVRed it for sure :)

  6. what a filling meal! it looks great!

  7. I’ve never watched Top Chef – I’m not sure if I can handle another show to get addicted too ;)

    What seasonings did you put on the eggs? Red pepper flakes? Looks great!

  8. i still have to try that eggs-n-oat-bran thing!

  9. I agree gloomy days are excellent for shopping :)

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