Baked and Toasted

Sounds like a fun way to start the day, huh?  :)

The lovely Nicole from Real Simple / / Time, Inc. sent me an email yesterday that helped me finalize my breakfast plans. I had a bunch of veggies in the fridge that I wanted to put to use so I had thought about cooking the veggies last night and making some quick omelets this morning.

Once I saw the links she sent me, my mind was changed!

I made the Mushroom and Spinach Frittata, but with a few changes.


– I didn’t use any onion – I forgot!

– I used a little over a cup of mushrooms, which is what I had left

– I added in some red pepper that I cooked with the mushrooms/spinach

– Instead of smoked gouda (which I didn’t have), I used some smoked cheddar. Yum.

– I also added some garlic


As I was making dinner last night, I was prepping/making this dish at the same time. It made it so easy this morning!

After I got my pasta bake in the oven last night, I cooked these veggies, shredded my cheese and mixed everything together. As soon as the pasta dish was ready to take out of the oven, I put this frittata in to bake and let it cook while we ate dinner.

If you want some new breakfast / brunch ideas, check out these ideas from – there are tons of others ones I have my eye on. Nicole also sent me a list of 9 fast, healthy breakfast ideas, which has some great suggestions. With breakfast being my favorite meal of the day, I was happy to get these links and see so many new ideas on how to start my day.


 The smoked cheese in this made the dish – I think it would be great with any smoked cheese, but you could definitely taste that smoky flavor.

All I had to do this morning was heat it up, toast some whole grain bread, spread on some almond butter, and slice up a peach.


I love having balanced meals – I’ve got everything I need here: lean protein, veggies, fruit, whole grains, and some healthy fat! The perfect meal and the best way to start my day.


If you could have anything for breakfast, what would you have?



  1. Ok, seriously this is getting creepy. You’re the 4th fritatta since yesterday I’ve seen!!

  2. That’s one fine looking fritatta!

    I’m an oatmeal lover so I usually save eggs for lunch or dinner. Oats are my breakfast of choice! :D

  3. Your breakfast (and din last night) look wonderful!!

  4. mmm that frittata looks delicious and I love that you made it the night before so prep was super simple this morning. great idea!

    If I could have anything for breakfast, I’d probably have 1/4 of a cinnamon walnut whole wheat waffle topped with lots of fresh strawberries and blueberries, a dollop of greek yogurt and a sprinkle of granola. And maybe a small slice of your frittata on the side ;-)

  5. Fritattas are everywhere lately! Yours looks delicious, though. Yum! I love all the veggies.

    What I crave for breakfast depends on the day. Right now, it’d be a chocolate, pumpkin, and pb greek yogurt parfait with a vitatop–what I had this morning! Haha.

  6. breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, too!

    what i crave for breakfast depends on the season, so right now in summer i’ve been eating giant bowls of cereal (kashi island vanilla is a current fav) with sliced banana and big spoonfuls of peanut butter on top!

  7. Holy yum – that frittata looks amazing!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I am so glad I found yours…to the blogroll you go! :)

    Have a good day!

  8. That looks really good. If I could have anything for breakfast, my bkfst would probably look like yours…I’m always so rushed in the morning before work, and I have to eat so early. Lately, I’ve been doing Green Smoothies to sip on when I get to work (7:15) and then something protein-y once I finish that (usually between 9 and 10)…it’s been holding me over till lunch ok. But it’s not ideal, by far.

  9. Smoked cheddar? Oh, hello! That sounds fantastic!! That breakfast looks like heaven on a plate :) YUM!

  10. If my health and calories do not count whatsoever (haha) I would have a BIG heaping plate of warm upside down pineapple PANCAKES!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmm

  11. Pancakes or french toast or big cinnamon rolls or…. sigh. All that stuff leaves me starving 2 hours later!

  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your frittata looks wonderful! I usually have oats or a PB&J sandwich for breakfast. I try to eat enough to keep me full for 4 hours.

  13. What a gorgeous looking breakfast!

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