Spicy Seconds

uh…or thirds  :)

My muesli held me over pretty well this morning!

I’m always a little afraid of having different things for breakfast – is that crazy? I just don’t want to try something and then be starving an hour later at work and have nothing to get me through until lunch. I know, hunger is not an emergency, but still. I should stock up with other snacks at work, just in case.

Regardless, the muesli did a great job this morning and I look forward to having that a lot more this summer.

Lunch today was more of the shrimp/chicken/veggie stirfry from the other night and it was even spicier today! I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it tomorrow  – I may see if Nick wants the last serving, or I’ll have to bring some milk to drink with it to cut the heat.


Plus the last of the edamame edamame

Nick and I took a short lunch break again today so we can leave early enough to pick up the car, but we did get to spend our speedy lunch break outside in the sun. It is beautiful today, and I’m glad we went out there because I think more rain is headed our way later today  :(

I’m about to eat this apple and get back to work!


Make sure to check out Jenny’s giveaway – you don’t want to miss this one!

And I doubt she’s reading since she hates computers, but Happy Birthday Mammaw!!!

Are your parents / grandparents online or on Facebook or anything?

My parents email me and read the blog most of the time, but neither one of them are on Facebook yet. My grandma hates the computer! She doesn’t need to use it for anything, but it’s still kind of funny how much she doesn’t like them.


  1. My parents have no idea what Facebook is and my grandma is 82 and grew up in Ukraine. Every time I’m online she thinks I’m “doing homework” and remarks how smart I am…little does she know…hahah

    Lovely lunch!

  2. My mom is on Facebook and LOVES it… she just started calling my blog by its right name instead of “that blog thing”…its hilarious!

  3. Man, I can’t keep snacks at work for the life of me. I never can manage to keep them for “emergencies.” I start equating “Craving” with “emergency.” ;). My dad is on FB and myspace, but my mom isn’t too keen on it. she thinks that his identity will get stolen or something. They both do follow my regular blog (not my food blog)!

  4. thanks so much for the shout, love =) you’ve got your extra entry!

    p.s. i <3 edamame!

  5. Love the spicy!! My mom is one of my biggest blog fans, in fact, she calls me less and less because she can just read the blog and see what I am doing!

    And my MIL reads every day too.

    I am not on facebook, but neither is my 17 year old daughter – she had a myspace page for a while, but got bored with it.

    However, my 79 year old great aunt emails me recipes all the time – love it!!

  6. I get a little nervous that food won’t hold me over either because my stomach can be so finicky! Even with the Greek parfaits I never know if it will last me through lunch or not (my needs change daily) so I pack a snack just in case ;)

    My parents are on Facebook but I refuse to add them! They don’t want to add me either, haha!

  7. My parents’ won’t do it. They would LOVE it and be super addicted and annoying I bet! Maybe I should be glad! I could see my mom doing ALL those stupid quizzes!!!

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