I Survived!

Literally and barely!

This race was the hardest thing I had ever done. The trail was up and down, this way and that way, and very narrow the entire time – plus there was tons of thick, slimy, sticky mud. So much that you ended up with a layer of mud on the bottom of your shoes, making everything slippery even when you were on the few patches of dry ground.

Mile 1 was insane: Everyone was trying to get onto the trail which was barely wider than your two feet side by side, and I ended up completely stopped not even 1/2 a mile into the race. Everyone was jammed up trying to get past this huge mud bog. Once we started going again, it wasn’t too bad.

Mile 2 – 4: Pretty good! Very muddy still and I definitely almost fell a bunch of times, but I was running with some people that were talkative, so that helped. I was feeling pretty good and staying on my goal pace when I could.

Mile 5 – 6: I broke down. My legs just did not want to go anymore. I feel like I used so much more energy just trying to stay on the trail, not run into trees and keep myself from falling in the mud every 5 seconds that I just ran out of energy. Right after hitting mile 5, there was this huge, muddy uphill run for at least 1/4 mile. I walked some of it. I probably walked more than I wanted, but I was having a hard enough time walking without falling on my butt that I could not try to run up the landslide hill. Around mile 5.5, I got a cramp in my right foot! You know those cramps when your foot just starts to curl up and it hurts really bad? yeah. That felt great while trying to stretch my foot out and running at the same time. Luckily, it didn’t last long. Right near the end of the race, Nick was waiting for me and he started cheering me on. I ran across the finish line and was so happy to be done.

Goals I made:

  • I finished! and honestly, after running on that trail, that is a victory in itself.
  • I only walked a little and only when I knew I could not make it running. I wanted to stop and walk a lot more than I actually did, so I am proud of that.
  • I did not make it under an hour – I knew after starting the race and seeing the muddy trail that would not happen. BUT. I made it under 1:15, which was my “I hope I make this if the trail is super hard goal”

Final time: 1:13:10!!!


Nick got 3rd in his age group, and I got 2nd in mine! My first race medal!!!

the rest of the day included:

  • driving to Farmville
  • bought a kayak with money Nick had been saving + yard sale money + birthday gift money from his parents


  • ate lunch + super early dinner






  • drove 3 hours back home
  • grocery shopping
  • now finally home, about to take a shower, and spend time with my sister and her husband

I’m worn out! I’m going to sleep well tonight.

Thank you all for your notes and comments and good luck!!! I am glad I did it and that I finished and that I didn’t bust my face in the mud.

This girl needs some rest – see ya tomorrow!


  1. YAAAAAAY BRANDI!!!! Congrats!!!

  2. Wow that sounds like a crazy tough race! Congrats for finishing, and in a good time too! That’s awesome that you guys placed in your age groups– well done!

    Have a great night, and get some sleep :D

  3. CONGRATS! Trails are sooo much fun to run, but just not conducive to races cause you just can’t go fast unless you want to wipe out.
    Display that medal proudly, girl!

  4. Congratulations!!! What an awesome race!

  5. congrats, brandi!!! i feel your trail race pain — all the stop and go and just trying to keep your balance on slippery muddy rocks takes the energy out of you! but you finished, yayyyyyyyyy. don’t you feel so tough and hardcore now?!

    and that’s such a cute pic with you guys and your medals :-)

  6. Ahhhh! Congrats on finishing and on placing in your age groups!! I’m so happy you finished and especially in such challenging conditions! Hope you took it easy for the rest of your evening :)

  7. Congrats on doing so great in the race! Wohoo!!

  8. Good Job!!!!!!! Congrats on the first race medal!

  9. YAY!!! CONGRATS!!!

    That wrap looks amazing! Hope you got lots of rest last night :)

  10. yay! Congrats on the the medal! Awesome job :)

  11. So proud of you Brandi! And a medal to boot!

    I don’t even like onions, but those rings look amazing!

  12. Wow – congratulations on your race. That sounded tough!

  13. congratulations! I’m jealous about your kayak…I love kayaking!

  14. Woweee what a busy day! But a busy day well spent–so cool you got a metal. I give runners such credit because I absolutely DESPISE running.

  15. congrats on your run!!

  16. Girl, come here and let me give you a major HUG!!!! *HUUUGS*
    You’re amazing! That race sounded so tough, but you pulled it off! And SO close to under an hour! congratulations!

  17. Doh! Mud! Puts a dent in your race plans doesn’t it? One year I ran in a New Years race it snowed two feet the day of the race. And it was a trail race so there was no way anyone was going to have record time. Congrats on an awesome race…mud and all!!!

  18. Congratulations!!! I’ve never done a trail race but they seem INTENSE! Way to go you! :)

  19. That trail sounds pretty rough; congrats on making your “plan B” goal!

  20. Congrats!!! Trail races are a whole different ball park and you did great! :)

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