Fueling Up

Happy start to the weekend!!! I am so excited for this weekend – we have a lot of fun stuff planned!

Nick and I ditched our original plans so we could come home and take a quick, easy run to stretch our legs – thank goodness we came home when we did! It had just stopped raining, so we were able to take an easy 2 mile run and stretch everything out. I ended the run by doing some yoga poses, which felt amazing – a couple runner’s lunges, crows, and down dogs – just what I needed!

After showering and changing clothes, we headed out for dinner at The Palisades. This wasn’t our original plan, but it still had what we wanted tonight : pizza! We were both starving by the time we got there, so I was ready to chow down.

We started out with the free crostini + hummus + tomato jam. This stuff is so, so good. Really garlicky.


I had this x 2!

We also ordered some of their wings, since our chiropractor told us they were really good. She was right! They were the perfect spiciness for me – hot, but not too hot.


Again….this x 2! Plus a few stalks of the celery that came with them to cool my mouth down.

I also ordered a side salad so I could get a few veggies in with dinner. I know I had a huge salad for lunch, but I didn’t want all of dinner to just be bread + wings + pizza.


For dinner, Nick and I ordered the supreme pizza to share. I like the honey wheat crust here – it’s not greasy at all and you can actually taste the dough! Plus, the slices are the perfect size and the pizzas aren’t humongous either.


and….picture this x 3  :)  I am sufficiently carbed up!

Nick got dessert, but I just couldn’t handle any more than 1 bite. I didn’t want to eat too much and go to bed on a stuffed belly.

We have plans for some easy stretching in the morning, bowls of oatmeal and then hitting the road!

I can’t believe the race is tomorrow!!!

Hope you had a great Friday! Night  :)


  1. Good luck Brandi!

    Hey, you won my giveaway – please email me at bdl319@gmail.com with your street address.

    You are going to kick ass tomorrow – can’t wait for the recap!

  2. Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. Ah, you’ll do fabulous…one of the reason because you have got some great fuel in you!
    LOVE the hummus crostini!

  4. Good luck on the race! Rock it, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes :D

  5. The hummus and tomatoes look delish!


  6. your din looks fab :-)

    Good luck tomorrow!!!!! Can’t wait to hear your recap!!

  7. That’s the way to do it!

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