I’m so relaxed now! I really, really wish this yoga class wasn’t 45 minutes away  :(  I’m just going to have to plan ahead and go whenever I can.

I knew I was going to go to yoga tonight, so I packed a snack that would carry me through going home, changing, driving out there, through the hour of yoga, and through the drive back. I packed a good one!


Yup, I ate this whole bar with my yogurt.


Normally, I wouldn’t spend this many calories on an afternoon snack (the bar is 250 alone), but I needed something that wouldn’t fill me up too much, but that would be enough calories/energy to get me through until around 8 tonight. I ate this at 3:30 and it was the perfect thing. This was also my first time trying an Honest Foods anything since I can’t get them here. Christie brought it to me when they came to visit a month ago, and I really liked it! Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t buy them here?  :)

I. loved. yoga. tonight. I really am sad that this class is so far away. It’s held at a church so you don’t have to pay to go – you can just donate when you want. I really love taking yoga classes more than doing it on my own, but all the places I can take classes from are so expensive, and we really don’t have any extra money right now. I may just have to get creative and start doing it more on my own and just go to classes whenever I can.

Regardless, it was just what  I needed. I’m glad I did this – it definitely helped stretch me out and just release tension, which will be nice come Saturday morning when we’re running our race.

Dinner was quick and easy, thanks to leftovers in the fridge. I just came in the door, dropped my stuff, and grabbed a plate.


I heated up one of the black bean burgers from last night, some of the sweet potato fries, grabbed 2 slices of avocado (cause I haven’t had enough today, apparently) and sliced up some tomato.


I’ve got to get working on packing my lunch for tomorrow, which means finding something to take!

Happy end of Humpday!!! Finally  :)


  1. that’s so cool that it’s free a class and that it was good! Too bad it’s so far.

    That yogurt & bar combo look great!

  2. that 45 minute drive sounds like it’s worth it!

  3. haha, yogamazing! like the play of words.
    too bad it’s that far away, but perhaps you could make it a weekly thing…just to rewind!

  4. Mmm dinner looks really good!!

    Glad you enjoyed yoga today, and fueled so deliciously and appropriately! :)

  5. That plank bar looks so crumbly and delicious! I’m glad yoga went so well. It’s cool that you don’t have to pay a certain fee! It sucks that it’s so far away, but it sounds like it was definitely worth it.

    Those sweet potato fries look so good! I’ve definitely been craving fries lately… rutabaga, b-nut squash… I should have some sweet potato ones next!

  6. Sorry I missed dinner :( NEXT TIME! Haha! That bar sounds wonderful!! Glad you had a great yoga session!

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