Frigid Finishes

Thank you for all your tips!

The sad thing? My alarm clock is already in a place where I have to get up to hit snooze/turn it off! I guess I’ve gotten used to getting out of bed to hit snooze and jumping back in. We’ll see what else works, though – I got some  great ideas from your tips and suggestions!

I don’t know why I’m so cold today, but I have been freezing all morning in my office. I was starting to get hungry around 10:30 so I got out my green smoothie for today and drank it as fast as I could. I really didn’t want a cold drink, but I wanted my smoothie so I tried to get it over with as fast as possible!


The normal mix, lately:
•    1 cup almond breeze
•    ½ banana
•    2-3 cups spinach
•    ½ Tbsp flaxmeal

It was good, and it got me through until lunch.

All I can say is I’m glad I have a lunch that I can heat up – I’ve sitting here in my favorite granny sweater trying to keep warm while eating – at least I’m thawing out a bit.

Lunch may look a little familiar, but a little prettier – at least I tried to make it look a little different.


The last of the tex mex barley stuff since Nick brought some today, too, with added roma tomato and avocado.


The last of the broccoli, too. I don’t know what I’m going to have tomorrow for lunch!


Plus an orange.

I have a substantial snack packed for this afternoon because I’m going to a yoga class at 6 tonight! I am so excited to be going – I don’t know how often I’ll be able to go since it’s about 40 minutes from my house, but I am psyched for tonight.


There’s a Sunshine Burger coupon giveaway going on over here!

I had a fun dessert guest post on ZestyCook today – check it out!


  1. Quick question – do you make the green smoothie and bring it to work with you? Or do you make it at work? How does it keep?

    • Rose – I do make it at home in the morning, put it in a travel mug or container and then keep it in the fridge until I’m ready to have it. I think the texture is a bit different after sitting, but not bad.

  2. yummy GREEN!!! :) XOXO Have fun at yoga, Brandi!

  3. Damn girl you did some good food styling with that lunch!! :-)

    I’m afriad of the green monster still!! Any suggestions on how to ease into it??

    • Hi Jess! Definitely start with more fruits and maybe just a cup of greens at first. You can always add MORE, but you can’t take any away :)

  4. i love your lunch display! looks very pretty!

  5. i have such a hard time with overzealous summer a/c in offices. it gets WAY too cold. like, if it were that cold in the winter, we’d turn the heat on!

    your lunch is beautiful. excellent food choreography! it keeps things interesting :-)

    i wish livewriter had a version for macs!! i just started doing a trial for ecto, the software for macs, and i think i’ll end up buying (it might be like $25), but there is nothing free like live writer, hmph.

  6. i love your style of taking pictures- you really capture all the colors and textures of the food! cool guest post at Zesy’s too- then again, how can you go wrong with desert? ;)

  7. I’ve been cold all day too but it’s because MI refuses to accept that it’s June! Hope you warm up soon!!

    I LOVED your guest post – that recipe sounds awesome!

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