Green Is Good

Thank goodness today is already half over! I’m ready for the middle of the week to be here – we have another fun / exciting weekend coming up, and I’m tired of waiting!

My eggs/grits/fruit held me over until around 10:30 so I drank my green smoothie to hold me over until lunch. Perfect! I can’t really explain why I like them so much or even really explain the flavor, but I love them.

Sorry for the lunch repeats, but you might as well get used to them for this week  :) I’ll try to switch some stuff up just to keep it interesting – the pictures may look monotonous, but I love the flavors going on!


Today I brought some of the barley/corn/bean/tomato mixture and topped with a sliced roma tomato and 1/4 avocado. The bites with big hunks of avocado were the best, so I saved a few to have with my last couple of bites.

I also had more broccoli today. I cooked one of those steamer bags of the broccoli and it makes a lot! I have more to use for lunch tomorrow, too. That makes it easy for me though – I just bring this container in on Monday, heat up what I want and put it back in the fridge for the next day. One less thing to worry about packing in the morning!


and another apple – this was okay. Not the best apple I’ve had, but it did give me some crunch.


So far, I’ve had a lot of green in my day!

  • green smoothie
  • avocado
  • broccoli

These green smoothies I’ve had the past 2 days got me thinking.

I am going to try to have a green smoothie every day that I can in June and see what differences (if any) I see.  I say “every day that I can” because I know we’ll be out of town a few weekends so I probably won’t have the materials/equipment to make one. But, I want to see if these really do make me glow! Plus, they taste great and I love that I’m getting in a good dose of nutrition in such an easy way.

Are you drinking the green? If so, have you noticed any differences?


  1. Repeats? You don’t have to apologize – I’m ALWAYS eating repeats!! If it ain’t broke! ;)

  2. Drinking Green has been one of the best things I’ve done the past few weeks. I’ve been doing it for about three weeks (although I didn’t yesterday b/c I was on a HUGE Savory kick). My skin does look a little better, and I’m finding that I have more energy in the morning, which rocks. Where I’m having trouble, though, is making sure that the green monsters are low enough in calories that I’m not breaking the bank with 1/2 my breakfast (I have to have something to chew also). But, all in all, totally wonderful!

  3. I eat repeats all the time, too! If I really love something, I have a hard time making something else. I haven’t tried a green smoothie, but I’m sure I will soon enough! I keep seeing them everywhere :D

  4. I drink the green monsters sometimes but they make me so cold!! So if its a rainy day here i tend not to drink them!

  5. I totally need to make a green monster!! My skin has been crazy lately and I think that is exactly what I need to help it calm down!

    That corn and barley salad has my name all over it!! Avocado is the best ingredient to any salad and I’m so happy you savor the bites at the end like me!

  6. I have not tried a green monster smoothie yet, but keep meaning to. I have a lot of baby spinach that needs to get used up before we head out on holidays, so maybe tomorrow is the day!

    • You should do it! I was scared the first time, but they’re so good! You really just taste the fruit, and I would go easy on the greens for the first few smoothies :)

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