System Failure

This afternoon may prove to be pretty crazy for a Monday – apparently, our system at work has run out of space! They’re working on it, but it’s a good thing I have my other normal Monday tasks to keep me busy in case it takes a while to fix.

My breakfast cookie held me over really well! I do like having some cold breakfast options that are filling, especially when it’s warm in the house and hot outside.

I was really looking forward to lunch today and it proved to be a good one.


I made a big batch of a tex-mex barley salad yesterday so I could have that for lunches this week with different add – ins and toppings.

The barley salad is just 1 cup of quick cooking barley cooked with chili powder, cumin, garlic, and a little cayenne. Then I mixed in a can of drained/rinsed black beans, corn, and diced tomatoes. Easy! and it made a LOT.

This morning, I added a little rotisserie chicken and then topped it with some avocado for lunch. I love avocado so much! I should have some everyday.

I also brought some steamed broccoli for a little more green


Plus an apple for some crunch


I love making a big batch of something on the weekends for lunch options – it makes easy to pack something quickly if you don’t have other leftovers or don’t want a sandwich.

Do you make stuff specifically for lunches during the week?

I have to, to keep my sanity during the week. Since I have to eat at work every day, I need to have quick options in the fridge and know  that there will at least be something easy to grab!


I guess I missed it with all the anniversary festivites, but check out my guest post on KERF! I should make those again…

Polly’s Yoga Video is ready for ordering today!!! Make sure to check out the info.


  1. I always *intend* to make specific things for lunches and get things ready to go on Sundays – but I usually do everything the night before.

  2. Yay broccoli! It’s so good and green :)

  3. oooh that big pile of avocado on your lunch is beautiful!

    i make food for lunches on sunday … but i so often don’t end up eating them when other food appears for me at work!

  4. I occasionally make lunches during the weekend to enjoy during the week, but usually I just stick with salads, soups, and sandwiches that are just quick to throw together.

  5. During the week I ususally just make sams + veggies/fruit or I eat the rare leftovers. That salad looks devine.

  6. That lunch looks great. Since out of school right now and usually home for lunch, I just make my lunch right before I’ll eat it. Sometimes I’ll have leftovers from dinner, though.

  7. Mmm steamed broccoli!! I have the luxury of being home for all of my meals – when I work though, I throw something together literally as I’m running out the door!

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