Country Bumpkins


Happy Saturday!

This weekend has been so much fun so far, and we still have one more super fun plan for tonight.

Last night, Nick and I stayed at a cabin in Galax, VA and had a nice, quiet evening.


We arrived to see a little cabin, with a nice front porch, including rocking chairs!


The inside was perfect: cozy, warm, and the perfect size for a night away from home.



I think my favorite part was that the bedroom was up in the loft of the cabin! It was so open and bright and welcoming.




We had a little kitchen (that we didn’t even use) and a nice sized bathroom with a whirpool tub!



After we checked in last night, we drove into the downtown area of Galax and ate dinner at a little barbeque place that is actually pretty well known and has won some big awards! No pictures from dinner last night – Nick and I were just enjoying our time together  :)  I got their smoked chicken with some green beans, corn on the cob, and a few hushpuppies. Nick tried their brisket and pulled pork, and I had a few bites of each – everything was great!

After dinner, we walked around downtown a bit more, went into a few antique stores, then stopped in a little coffee shop for some coffee + dessert. Nick got a chocolate eclair and I tried a bite, but it wasn’t that great. My coffee, on the otherhand, was awesome! I wish this coffee shop were closer to us! They make frozen lattes with NO PREMADE MIX – I have never been to place that makes the frozen/blended coffees without a premade/sugar filled mix. I watched her make it, and they just take tons of ice, espresso, milk, and the syrups you want and blend, blend, blend, until it’s nice and creamy. Yum.

It started to rain just as we were leaving town, and we went back to the cabin, opened the windows, and read for a couple of hours. It was so nice and quiet out there – you could just hear the wind rushing through the trees, the raindrops hitting the roof, the birds chirping. Then…like every other Friday night….we watching What Not to Wear  :)  It was a nice night.  The only bad thing? I did NOT sleep well at all! I woke up at 3 am and layed awake until 4 before going downstairs to lay on the couch with the tv on, hoping I could fall asleep. Not the best night of sleep I’ve ever had, but oh well.

We got breakfast delivered to us this morning!



We got this quiche type thing? It had this crust that was not greasy at all – I’m not sure what it was, but the filling was eggs, cheese, onions, peppers, and some sausage, but this wasn’t greasy at all! Nick ate about 2/3 and I had 1/3. I wish we had more – both of us did, actually. By the time we got breakfast (around 9), we were both starving! I ate all the cantaloupe since Nick doesn’t like it and it was perfectly ripe.


I had the last bite with about a cup of orange juice to finish off breakfast. Then we hit the road to come back home.

Something was wrong with the air conditioning in the truck, so we needed to get back into town to pick up a part. We got back in time, picked up the part, then came home – Nick worked on the truck, and I’ve been working on laundry.

Around 1:30, we broke for lunch:


I made some egg salad for lunch and had some on an arnold sandwich thin with lettuce and tomato and some pickles.


Plus a banana


Nick is cutting the grass, and I’m finishing laundry before our fun dinner plans – I can’t wait!


  1. how cute is that cabin??? i want to live there! loft bedrooms are my faaaaaavorite.

    enjoy tonight!

  2. Oh my gosh – I’m in love with that cabin!! It’s way too cute! Sorry to hear about the rough night of sleep. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day :)

  3. That cabin is adorable! I’m glad you’re having a great time :)

  4. Ahhh I love cabin life! I wish we had a lake cabin seeing how I live in the land of 10,000 lakes, but we have lots of friends/relatives that have em’ so we always go to theirs =) In June my mom and I are having a girls weekend up at the North Shore on Lake Superior and renting a cabin–I hope it’s as cute as yours!

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