Run, Rain, Repeat

Thursday is over! I am so happy this weekend is almost here – we have some fun anniversary plans for this weekend and I can’t wait!

The weather stayed pretty decent most of the day – it was really cloudy all day, but of course, it started pouring as soon as we got home. Thankfully, it stopped not too long after so we went out for a run around 6:30. The sky still looked pretty scary, but it only drizzled a few times while we were out.

Weather wise? Pretty good.

Run wise? Blech. This was probably the worst run I’ve had in a while. I had pretty bad side stitches for most of the run – I didn’t stop, and I’ve still been just trying to breathe through them and they do go away, but they just kept coming back today. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great. It did feel good to be outside, though.

Dinner tonight was a repeat of last night with a few changes.


I had Nick grill 2 steaks last night (about 1 lb. total) so we split one steak last night and split the other one tonight for our salads. The only thing we had to do tonight was put the rest of the salad together – easy!

Tonight, mine had:

  • 2 cups romaine
  • 1 cup broccoli slaw
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 1 roma tomato
  • 1-2 Tbsp red onion
  • 4 oz. or so of steak
  • Thai dressing from recipe
  • orange slices
  • scallions


I liked this salad even more with the tomato and avocado – I think I’ll use those on this salad from now on. And yes, those are my pajama pants  :)  I am not going to get into a different outfit after running/showering. Don’t pretend you don’t do the same thing.

I’m off to work on a special post for tomorrow and then have some of this:


It was so fun reading about your gifts! They were so sweet, and it’s awesome to see what things people have really cherished.

With all this anniversary stuff, my mind is on all things wedding!

What is one thing you’ve always dreamed about for your wedding? (whether you’re already married or not!)


  1. Hmm..popcorn. I think I want some!

    Honestly, I want my wedding to be in a beautiful church. I’m not really religious, but I think there’s some spirituality that I associate with that place that I’ll want to feel on my wedding day :)

  2. Oh, if I don’t have to leave the house, I’m in my PJs all dang day! I don’t hate on your jammies :)

    I already have my perfect wedding dress picked out in my head! I just have to find it (after I find a fiance)!

  3. Very resourceful of you to have extra steak on hand! Happy pre-anniversary! :)
    I never really dreamed about my wedding (weird!) until a couple years before I planned it…and one thing I definitely wanted was a bagpiper and a little birdcage veil! Got ’em both!

  4. I’ve always dreamed of a super creative wedding. Something that other people haven’t seen. Someday we shall see…

  5. Sorry to hear you had a bad run. Oh and after a run in the late afternoon/evening, I totally just change into pajamas. So no judgment here :D

    I haven’t really thought all that much about my wedding–probably cause there’s no guy in the picture right now! I think it’d be cool to be married near the beach, but I don’t think that’d be very realistic. My dream wedding would be in Hawaii–again not realistic, haha. Oh, but I want cheesecake at the wedding! I love cheesecake :)

  6. ummmm ….. CAKE. probably the ONLY thing i’ve ever dreamed about having at my wedding. (spouse is optional.)

    sorry for the side stitches! i hope they don’t hang around for the next run.

  7. AHH WEDDING!!! Honestly? The ONE THING I want for my wedding is for there to be NO DRAMA or stress! I know thats probably a tall order, but hey, its my dream :)

  8. When I picture a wedding all I see is a dance party with all my family and friends. It’s hard to picture the actual “wedding” part!!

  9. We had a fabulous wedding last June…almost 1 year ago. We’re getting very close to our 1st anniv and I’m excited! Your wedding pics are fab!

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