As The Ziti Turns

I’m not sure what happened with the weather here, but it is nice outside right now! There are still tons of clouds in the distance, so I’m they just pass on through. We have had so much rain lately, and I would really like to be able to run when I get home.

I was really happy when I got to work this morning because this was waiting for me in my fridge!


This is called “The Favorite” and is from a local coffee shop here. I bought it yesterday at lunch but then was too warm in the office to drink it! No problem – I had it this morning, and it was perfect. This was a fat free latte made with sugar free white chocolate and caramel syrups. For some reason, most sugar free things do not agree with me, but I have no problems with the sf coffee syrups.

Work went along like normal this morning and I was ready for lunch around 11:30 – I was just counting down the minutes until Nick got over here to eat.

I had a serving of the baked ziti on top of another cup or so of spinach


And yes, I apparently ate it sideways. This picture comes up right when I open it on the computer, but then shows up like this? Oh well – you get the drift. There was a ton more spinach in the bottom of the dish that got a little wilted when I heated this up. Yum!

I also had the last of the green/yellow beans


And am now chomping on this apple


I am going to miss this ziti once it’s gone! I think there’s only 1-2 servings left, so you won’t have to see it too many more times  :)  It was such a great recipe.

T minus 12 hours until our 5 year wedding anniversary! I am beyond excited and cannot believe it’s been 5 years. I’m going to have a fun post tomorrow, so look out!

One of the sweetest/coolest things Nick has done for me:

When I was in my junior year of college, Nick was already back in Virginia and I was still in Arkansas at school. It was long distance the entire 8 months we were engaged and planning our wedding. Needless to say, we talked on the phone – a lot. I was having a really hard year that year at school, and being away from him and my family while trying to plan the wedding was tough.

He sent me a package one time while I was at school that was an entire box of the Hershey’s Cookies’n’Mint bars! They are my favorite candy bar and I’m so sad they don’t make them anymore. I guess they were out again a few years ago for a limited time and he sent me an entire box. :)  He knows the way to my heart is through chocolate, usually.

What’s the most fun gift you’ve ever received?


  1. Can you share the brand of yellow/green beans you’re using? I’m not a fan of canned green beans at all and usually buy fresh. I’d like to try the yellow/green combo if I can find them. I’m assuming they are frozen?

    Sweetest gift: I was having a particularly difficult semester while in college. My family lived in East Texas while I was going to college in New Mexico. My dad had an associate that was taking a few courses at my campus and happened to see him at a meeting somewhere. So dad gave Cal a package for me with the request that he deliver the package with a hug. Cal was a super nice person and searched for me all over campus one day to deliver my hug and package. Sweetest hug ever. And inside the package was a super sappy card from my dad along with a desk plaque with an encouraging poem. I still have the card and read it anytime I need a boost.

    Yes, I am a Daddy’s girl :)

    • Hi Amy! I use one of the frozen steamer bags of green/yellow beans. I don’t remember the exact brand, but I know there are a few that make them now.

      Cute and sweet gift!

  2. I am such a sucker for couple stories, so I can’t wait to read your post tomorrow! S & I have our five-year anniversary (not wedding) this August . . . it’s crazy how fast the time has flown by.

    Sweetest gift = a painting that my lil sis made me for Christmas 2 years ago!

  3. Wow I can’t believe you guys have been married for 5 years! I mean, Joe & I have been together for almost 7, but we’re not married yet. :)

    And when I was a freshman in college Joe got me a pet turtle which was the best gift ever (they’re my favorite animal). Unfortunately after 3 years of having him we couldn’t bring him from NY to Pittsburgh with us, so he’s now living happily in an elementary classroom. :)

  4. Nick is a sweetheart. I want to hear the story about you two some time!

    Sweetest gift… hum. This one is tough. One of the most memorable gifts I ever received was from an ex boyfriend. Is that weird? I really wanted to learn how to play the violin, and he bought me one. Completely unexpected.

    I later sold it because I never learned. But it was still really thoughtful at the time.

  5. I agree with Rose. We want to hear your couple story!

  6. Aaww how cute of Nick! :)

    5 years, that’s really exciting.

    Hhhmm…most fun gift? My parents got me a treadmill! That’s pretty fun on rainy and cold days.

  7. Yum I am totally craving baked ziti now!
    5 years that’s so exciting congrats!!

  8. Aw, happy almost 5 years. What a sweet (then) fiance!

    Most fun gift? A trip to Australia for graduation from my parents!

  9. That latte sounds amazing!!

    Aw what a sweet guy! Happy 5 years :)

  10. Sounds like you and Nick have had some awesome times together! That’s so cool =) While I was away at college this year I received many packages from my mom and dad(flowers, random fun things, etc.) and also the most meaningful cards from my grandma and grandpa. I cherish cards/letters the most!

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