Cookie Satisfaction

Well, I am happy to say that the breakfast cookie held me over just as long as my normal bowl of oatmeal does! I was a little skeptical since it didn’t have the same volume, but it was delicious and kept me satisfied until about 30 minutes before lunchtime.

Does anyone else feel like short work weeks go by even slower than normal ones? The day is just dragging! With Monday off and then me taking most of Friday off for our anniversary (yay!), this is going to be the longest-short week of my life.

I packed a snack for mid-morning, but ended up not needing it so I’m saving it for the afternoon, just in case. I started to get hungry around 11:17, but I didn’t want to spoil my lunch and I can wait 30 minutes.

My lunch was good thanks to (more) leftovers – anyone sense a theme in how we eat?  At least it’s not ziti – yet  :)

I had the last serving of the pork/brown rice/veggie stirfry along with some green and yellow beans


Plus more of the neverending cantaloupe and pineapple.


Actually, this is the last of the pineapple, but the cantaloupe is still hanging on. I think I only have one serving left. One more for me to eat and only one more for you to see  – exciting, right?

On another cookie note, I submitted my cookie recipe this morning! I probably won’t hear anything until August or so, but I’m excited that it is finalized and sent in. Now, if August could just get her a little faster…

In grocery news, I am drawing a blank on what meals to make for next week.

Do you have any new ideas you’ve been looking at? Great recipes you can’t wait to try?

Since we’re going away for part of the weekend, I want to get my grocery/meal list done soon so I can get the stuff I need before we leave.


In other food news, I got this email from Kristina at Stonyfield Farm about a new documentary on the food system – sounds like it’s worth checking out!

You’ll never look at dinner the same way!

You’ll be reading and seeing lots of stories in the coming weeks about FOOD, Inc., a very powerful documentary about our food system. The film opens June 12 nationwide, and includes Stonyfield Farm CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg. It’s produced by the same folks who brought us Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.”

FOOD, Inc looks at how food is grown, processed and sold, and the people behind the system – the company ‘suits,’ the struggling farmers, the mega-processors, the exploited workers and the confused consumers — some of whom have paid the ultimate price for trusting a food system that’s lost its way.

Gary’s main message in FOOD, Inc is that you have the power to demand that our food system produces food that is safe to eat. You want to know your choices are the right ones for your baby, your family and yourself.

Stonyfield is proud to be part of this film and prouder still that the questions raised in FOOD, Inc. point to organic food as the answer to the issues of food safety, corporate greed, and the oppression that puts many family farmers and others out of business.

We encourage you to learn more about FOOD, Inc. and share that info with your readers — turns out that what they decide to put on their plates truly has an impact on their health and the health and sustainability of our planet.

Check out to watch the trailer, an interview with the director, and more — and we’ll be offering a “Food Inc.” lid promotion in June with $30 worth of FREE downloadable coupons from Stonyfield and other partner companies.


  1. I’ve been wanting to make a Mexican bake that’s similar to the chilaquiles recipe you posted: layer beans, veggie (or real) meat sauteed with spices, veggies, salsa, and corn torillas; pour enchilada sauce over the top; top with soy (or regular) cheese; and bake! my mom used to make this when I was younger and it is so yummy . . .

  2. I’m with you. This week is drrrragggging.

  3. the breakfast cookie does have surprising staying power, doesn’t it?

    short weeks definitely go by more slowly, unless you’re on vacation like me and want it to last forever!

  4. I am with you on the slow days! I didn’t do my normal grocery shop, so I am flying by the seat of my pants this week!

  5. mm love stirfrys :)
    i always forget how much i love rice!

  6. All of the days have blended into one! I have no idea what day it is any more! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your meal plan – I don’t really have any suggestions, I’m lame ;)

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