Busy Bee

Today has just flown by! I only worked until lunch time since I had some more doctors appointments this afternoon – everything’s good! And, I think I’m done with doctors for a while  :) 

Our bluegrass-playing friends were out again at lunch, we so we sat outside and listened to them play while we were eating. I don’t know where this nice weather is coming from, but I hope it sticks around! The last couple of days have been so nice.

I had the last 2 pepper halves and last of the ww orzo filling, plus extra spinach and the last of the roasted broccoli



Plus some pineapple and cantaloupe, my obsession for the week…and maybe the weekend.


My appointments all went well, but I was starving after running around so much! I made this smoothie last night and saved half for today since I couldn’t drink it all last night.


1 packet of WW chocolate smoothie mix, 1 cup milk, 1 banana, 1 tsp pb2 and a sprinkling of the best almond butter granola I’ve ever had, courtesy of a sweet friend  :)

Nick and I went ahead and went grocery shopping before coming home since this weekend is going to be a little crazy, and I’m glad we did. The grocery store is basically empty before people get out of work!

I’m off to help Nick get stuff ready to grill for tonight, make a salad, and get a dessert in the oven. Then I’ve got to do some laundry and pack tonight – I have a girls night planned for tomorrow and I’m super excited  :)


See you after dinner!


  1. Your eats look delicious. I hope packing goes well tonight, and that you have a fun girls night tomorrow :D

  2. love those orzo-stuffed peppers.

    have fun with the girls tomorrow!

  3. Our grocery stores here were already SUPER packed today–the good ol’ Memorial Weekend brigade begins =) Hope your feeling fantastic for a fun weekend!

  4. The orzo filling looks delicious!!! I need to get pineapple soon.

  5. I’ve gotta try those orzo peppers :)

  6. almond butter granola?! get me there!
    your lunch looks soo tasty!

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