Dazed and Confused

My days are so mixed up this week! I keep forgetting that it’s Thursday – it feels like a Tuesday or Wednesday to me, so I keep getting lost on the day / date / what’s on my calendar for today. I am happy tomorrow is Friday though! I’m ready for a weekend.

This morning went by pretty fast since I had some stuff to catch up on at work after being out a lot this week. Nothing too crazy or pressing, thank goodness. It was actually pretty calm at work, so I was plugging away at emails and submissions.

Lunch couldn’t come fast enough! I was so hungry when Nick got over here to eat, so I was happy to dig in. My lunch was a random mix of things, but it turned out pretty good.

I had some leftover tabbouleh and some diced chicken


Some more of the broccoli salad I made earlier this week


Plus a cup of tomato soup – strange combo of food, but it worked and filled my hungry belly.


Nick and I ran a few errands at lunch, mostly to make sure I have everything I need for my baking projects tonight! I’m trying another cookie recipe for the contest I’m going to enter – I think we may have it figured out, but we’ll see once they come out of the oven later tonight.

The weather is absolutely beautiful here today, so I think we’re going to go for a run after work and see how I feel. I don’t really feel sore anymore – it’s mainly the headaches that are still bothering me. But if I’m feeling good when we get home, we’re headed outside to try – it is way too nice to sit indoors.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?


  1. Yummy lunch!!

    Hiking is my favorite form of activity ever. I’d do it every day if I lived near trails . . .

  2. I like to go walking when it’s nice outside. Or sit outside at a cafe or restaurant and enjoy the weather.

  3. I love hiking and biking! Mmm tomato soup. I haven’t had that in a while!

  4. I loooove going for walks but I also love reading outside on my deck! What a great lunch!!

  5. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking, no doubt!

  6. ah girl I just found your blog! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.. I am in love ..and so inspired by your story!! Can’t wait to continue reading <3

    xoxo, Jenny

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