Rapid Repeat

Gah! Today started out so nice, calm and normal, but it did not last long! After appreciating Roxy for a few hours, I headed back into town with a few of these in my belly


Yum – these were plum sweet! I’m glad I found these on the sale isle this week – they’re dark chocolate covered  prunes – prunets? like raisinets? they’re good, whatever you want to call them.

So, I drove back into town, trying to talk to Roxy and apologize for the crazy day and I promised her treats and yogurt tonight after all we were putting her through…although I don’t think she cared at that point. She threw up – again – when I was pulling into the parking lot at work. We took her to the vet and at least found out she does not have glaucoma!!!! We’re not sure exactly what is going on, but they ran some bloodwork and we should know more tomorrow. I’m just so, so happy it’s not glaucoma.

After gathering up our still cloudy-eyed and now violated cat and leaving $200 poorer, we went back to work for about 30 minutes so I could send whatever approval letters needed to go out today. Then, we got back in the truck and headed home. I had another appointment with my chiropractor for some more electrode-love on my shoulders (which are feeling much better!) and then stopped to get eye drops for Roxy – of course, it’s not one of those generic things you can pay just $4 for – it wasn’t horribly expensive, but after paying the vet $200 to draw some blood and not really tell us anything, I wasn’t really happy to be paying for anything else today.

Thankfully, dinner was quick to heat up tonight. Nick really liked the zucchini I made last night, so I made some more to have with our leftover stuffed peppers and roasted a little broccoli, too.


I think the orzo was even better tonight! The flavors had time to soak into the pasta – it was great.


I’ve been all about the veggies lately. I think this warm weather just makes me want light meals.

I am going to relax some, read some of my book and just enjoy the night. We have the window open, the fans on, and I just want to soak it in and end the day on a good note   :)

Thank you all so, so much for the notes and thoughts and prayers about everything this week –  I appreciate every comment and email and am so thankful for them. It has been crazy and I’m ready for everything to return to normal.



  1. HUGS BRAN!!!! Glad Roxy is ok!

  2. your dinner looks great and those chocolate covered prunes? Yes please!

    It’s good to know Roxy doesn’t have glaucoma! Hope she feels better soon.

  3. Oh, I am so glad that Roxy doesn’t have glaucoma! That poor thing. You guys have had such a rough time! Your dinner looks so yummy– I love the stuffed peppers.

    I hope you have a great and relaxing night! You definitely deserve it.

  4. Um, can I come over for dinner the next time I’m in VA? That looks superb!

    I’m so glad to hear that your kitty doesn’t have glaucoma!!

  5. I’m glad Roxy doesn’t have Glaucoma. Hope all the blood work tunrs out OK.

    You have had a rough few days, I hope you get to take a relaxing break soon.

  6. Glad Roxy doesn’t have glaucoma!! One of my dogs had that as she got older and it was so sad :(

    Summer weather makes me crave veggies more than ever!! Your dinner looks awesome!

  7. Glad your kitty doesn’t have glaucoma. I hope she gets better soon. She could be a twin sister to our kitty–I’ve never seen another kitty that looks like her.

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