Loopy + Lazy

Well, I guess I didn’t stay away as long as I thought I would  :)

I am sooooore today – the worst is actually my chest/collarbone/neck area from the impact of the seatbelt across my neck. Although my knee doesn’t hurt as much as it did yesterday, my arms, legs, and neck are just really stiff today. Honestly – the hardest part / most painful part of today was first, getting out of bed, and second, tilting my head back to wash my hair in the shower – my neck was hurting really bad trying to wash my hair this morning. I feel like a 90 year old crickety woman stuck in my body – it’s such a strange feeling.

I have a call in to my chiropractor to see if I can get in to see her this week once my neck is not so stiff.

I’ve gotten some stuff done today – just much slower than normal  :)  I slooooowly made myself some breakfast this morning, which was my Sunday usual.

Eggs and grits


a big bowl of fruit


and a cup of coffee I made myself. Uh…so apparently, Nick’s coffee is WAY better than mine. This wasn’t horrible, but I really missed his coffee this morning  :)


After doing the world’s 2 slowest loads of laundry, I slowly made my way around the house to dust then cleaned the bathroom at a snails pace.

Nick got back from church and we went to our favorite little local place, mainly for some onion rings.

I got a side salad to start


Plus some blackened flounder and my beloved onion rings.


I was going to get my normal buffalo burger/onion ring combo, but I figured I should try to get at least one veggie that wasn’t fried with lunch! It was good, and just what I needed for these stiff, creaky bones of mine.

We went to pick up my drugs from the pharmacy and went back to the wrecked car to get our cd’s out of the cd player – I’m glad we remembered!

Nick is outside cutting the grass and I’m inside blogging, slowly doing another load of laundry (only one more to go!) and baking. The baking is being done because it’s an easy recipe I’ve been waiting to do and I knew I could do this one without any help from Nick.

I did take a lortab for the pain and it seems to be making me a little loopy so my post tonight may end up hilarious – I guess we’ll see.


The baking project smells amazing! This one isn’t an original recipe of mine, but we are planning on trying one out once Nick is done.


See you for dinner and an update/pictures of some of my slow-motion baking adventures.


  1. Glad you can be up and around!! Can’t wait to see the possibly goofy post :)

  2. Oh Brandi, I am so glad that you’re okay! Take care of yourself and don’t try to do too much. A funny tidbit… when I had my knee surgery I decided that I’d e-mail my co-workers the next day to let them know I was okay. To this day my e-mail with numerous mistakes still gets brought up. Did I mention I sent this to the Chair and ED of our department? :) Take care of you!

  3. i don’t think dusting and cleaning the bathroom qualifies as being lazy, brandi!! i’m glad you were able to move around a bit, though. i hope things start to feel better soon!

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