Weekend of Food

Well, if there’s one thing I can say about this past weekend, it is that we ate  :)

I think taking long road trips like this just bring on “hunger” whether it’s real or not. Sitting in the car for hours on end makes it easy to eat out of boredom, but I tried really hard to not do that this weekend and really pay attention to whether I was actually hungry or not.

Instead of listing every thing pictured here, I’m just going to post all of them except my “food of the weekend”.








I didn’t get a picture of everything I had this weekend, but this is a good amount of it. I have a few other posts I’ll be working on this week, though, so I didn’t post everything yet.

My food highlight of the weekend was definitely this:


Before we left Searcy, AR and headed back to Memphis, we stopped at the Bulldog restaurant in the neighboring town of Bald Knob, which is known for their fresh strawberry shortcake. In my 2.5 years I spent in Searcy at school, I had never been and I am so glad we went before we left town.


Layers of vanilla ice cream, fresh and super sweet strawberries, amazing shortcake, a little whipped cream and some pecans. Mmm…I had never put pecans on shortcake before, but I think I always will now! They were so good.


If you have never had real shortcake, I would suggest you get some as soon as you can. This is totally different than those little sponge “shortcake” dishes you buy at the grocery store. They’re like a thin and crispy shortbread, but better!

What’s your favorite road trip snack or place to go on road trips?


  1. I don’t eat in the car because I get car sick!! Regardless I LOVE road trips….especially any one that takes me to 1. a beach 2. Home!! (Pittsburgh)

    That strawberry shortcake looks amazing!! :-) I’ve never had a real one but my family makes a “fake” one with angel food cake! YUM!!

  2. Wow, that looks like an amazing strawberry shortcake!!

    When we travel, I love finding hole in the wall diners to eat – basically greasy spoons!

    I love that our GPS kind find us off the wall places when we are in strange places too!

    Happy Friday!!

  3. Oh man, I love strawberry shortcake..and that looks AMAZING! My mouth is watering!!

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