Shot to the Arm

Good morning! Did you watch LOST? Are you now more LOST than ever?  :) It was a really good episode, but I am super tired from staying up and watching it and I hated the way they ended it – I hate having to wait months to see what’s going to happen next.

Nick and I have to go in and get the rest of the shots we need for our trip to Honduras this morning, so we had a little more time to make breakfast today. I made me some eggs and oatbran


Some strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries


I think this is the best batch of strawberries we’ve had yet! I wish we had a place around here to pick our own, but I don’t think there’s one for strawberries. I hope we can remember to go pick our own blueberries though.

I also had a cup of milk in one of my favorite Hokie cups


See you for lunch! I hope the shots don’t hurt too much  :\

Are you okay about getting shots?

I hate them…I psych myself out so bad and get all nervous and anxious. Blech…I’m not looking forward to getting these, but at least they are usually over quick.


  1. Eep, good luck with the shots. I rather dislike shots too, but as long as I’m not looking, it’s all good. I always turn away! Don’t worry; the pain will be over quick! :)

  2. I can’t believe we have to wait 9 months until lost. And then it’s the final season. Shoot! What an ending last night. I’m still on edge…

    I am OK with shots – but then again, I don’t get them very much… so maybe that’s why?

  3. I get allergy shots every couple weeks so Im TOTALLY used to them!! Not bad at all!!

  4. I am deathly afraid of shots and passed out the last time.

  5. LOST was ridiculous!!!

    When I have to get shots, I pinch my arm so I’m focusing on that instead of the shot :-)

  6. I’m okay with shots but I am NO NO about giving blood. I’ve done it twice in my whole life. I hate it!

  7. Its not the pinch its the contents of the vaccine! Be sure to ask if they are preservative free- no thimerosol! Also you might want to ask for a copy of the manufacturer lot numbers in case there is a recall years later you will know. Safe travels, safe vaccines… What shots do you need for Hondo?

  8. Love your peppered eggs as usual!

    Being an insulin dependent diabetic, I give myself up to 6 shots a day, so it doesn’t bother me!

    Although my stomach looks like a pin cushion! :D

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