Dang Typhoid Shot

Well, we got our shots! The Hep A one hurt when she was giving it, but now my right arm is killing me! It’s so sore from the typhoid shot and Nick’s arm feels the same way. I keep forgetting that it hurts when I move it a certain way and then catch myself moving in strange ways to do stuff at work – it’s probably pretty funny to watch, actually.

I’ve been talking to a coworker, Nick, and Heather all morning about LOST last night! There were some things answered, but SO many new questions and it’s driving me crazy! I can’t wait until January to find out, but I guess I’ll have to. I feel like I need to watch the finale again -I know I must have missed stuff considering it was 2 hours long.

I had no leftovers or specifically-for-lunch prepared foods today, but my lunch turned out great with what I had! That’s one thing I don’t like about being gone over a weekend – I don’t get to plan/prep for the week.

I made a wrap with a flat out multigrain, some spicy pepper hummus, spinach, mushroom, and roma tomato


I almost didn’t get it wrapped up!


I had to keep pulling out my McGyver wrap moves to keep everything IN the wrap while I was eating. Of course, it didn’t help that I was still trying to not move my right arm. Nick and I were a sight at lunch, I’m sure.

I also had a cup of tomato soup – it’s pretty gloomy here again, so I thought soup would be a nice way to balance my cold wrap.


Plus an apple for some crunch


We read through a bunch of posts on the ABC website that people had written about their theories of what’s going on. Some of their explanations are interesting, to say the least. I’m just sad this season is over!

After giving a receiving a one-armed hug, I’m posting this and going to read my new book until my lunch break is over.

What’s your favorite thing to do on your lunch break (besides eat)?  :)

Sometimes we catch up on shows online, but usually that’s when we run any errands that we need to (post office, bank, etc). I am happy that I get to spend every lunch break with Nick, though. Much better than being by myself. We ride together to work every day to save on gas and he works in the building across from me, so that has worked out pretty well.


  1. I don’t get official lunch breaks in the lab, sorta eat when my cells/mice don’t need me! But I love when Mike and I go out to our weekly lunch!! So many good restaurants around UVa!!

  2. I don’t take lunch breaks – honestly, and I should. I give myself the 15-MCC and some time to blog but other than that, I’m chained to the desk (mainly because I don’t like staying late and need to work 40 hours a week +)

    I LOVE that spoon – Light my fire? Where is that from?

    No matter what happens next season in Lost, I’m just hoping to see Sawyer shirtless again.

  3. Listen to music and read! Multi-tasker!

  4. I think your lunch looks great :0)

  5. Delicious looking lunch!

    I usually read blogs or ww boards!

  6. I love all the photos in this post, so beautiful! That soup looks warm and cozy :)

    I love to shop for things during my lunch break…it’s bad but I did it a lot last summer, lots of impulse buys! hahah

  7. How are you not starving after that lunch? Where’s the protein?

    • Hi Jennifer! My hummus has some protein since it’s beans, but this wasn’t a huge lunch since we had breakfast later than normal today.

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