Casey Jones' Village

Have you ever been to Jackson, Tennessee? If you have, then you’ve probably heard of or seen Casey Jones’ Village.

Most of the vacations my family took when my sisters and I were younger were to Tennessee since that’s where a lot of our family lives. Casey Jones’ place was one we would usually stop on the trip, so it was fun to go back and show it to Nick. I fondly referred to this trip as visiting my “old stomping grounds” – I sound like I should live in Tennessee, right?


Casey Jones Village is a family destination that includes the Historic Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum, the Casey Jones Village Amphitheatre, the Shoppes at Casey Jones Village, Casey Jones Mini-Golf and soon to be restored Judge Milton Brown Railcar.  Once renovated, it will be the new studios for the local affiliate of American Family Radio located right here in the Village.


There are a bunch of little shops to walk around in, a museum, a train car, and the restaurant and shop.


The little store in the restaurant is my favorite:


I love the old candy store set up! Think of this as the original “Cracker Barrell”, basically. Part store, part restaurant – lots of southern food and charm.

For breakfast, I got some grits and ham


Plus 2 over easy eggs and some coffee


and some fruit I had my dad get me from the buffet  :)  I needed some type of produce!


The food was pretty good, but I think we all learned not to order off the menu. They have this really big breakfast buffet and we all should have ordered that. Our food was still good, but it took forever!

It’s so interesting visiting these places now and seeing how different they look and feel to me now that I’m a bit older. I hadn’t been here in probably 8 or 9 years, maybe? It was fun to see the place again and be there with my family.


Mix My Granola Contest

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I already sent mine in!

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  1. love the TN post! as a TN girl myself I much appreciate it!

  2. I’m so far behind on reading posts, but so happy to have come across this one! I have relatives near Jackson (Adamsville and Selmer) and we used to stop at Casey’s on the way through when I was a kid. Thanks for reminding me!! :-)

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