Heart Health On My Mind

I’m going for heart healthy meals today. I try to do this every day, and it usually works out pretty well, but I have a good reason to do it today.

Thank goodness I did not wake up at 5 am this morning – I did get up on time, but not super early, so I was happy about that. Although today is Thursday, it is my Friday (woo!) since we’re leaving tomorrow to make the trek to watch my sister graduate! I am getting too used to these 4 day work weeks – it could be a bad thing since my workplace isn’t switching over to an actual 4 day work week anytime soon  :)

I wanted a filling, balanced breakfast this morning – betcha can’t guess what I had!


Eggs and oatbran with chile garlic sea salt. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made my oatbran, but I added more water than it needed to it’s much more voluminous that normal! I thought something was wrong at first.

I also had a bowl of fruit: kiwi, strawberries, blackberries


Plus the normal cup o’ milk


It is nasty here again – it’s been pouring all morning. I hope it stops for at least a little while – I’m starting to get bummed out with all this gloomy doomy weather.

What’s your favorite cooking oil?


  1. Hmmm my favorite cooking oil is EVOO for most things. Sometimes it’s canola oil though depending on what I’m making.

    Your breakfast looks delicious as always.

  2. I use either olive oil or canola oil depending on what I am making. I love peanut oil as well but only rarely buy it.

  3. definitely olive oil, but honestly, the variety of oils in the store just overwhelms me! I want to try more.

  4. Love your eggs as usual!

    I love sesame oil when I make stirfrys – but be careful, a little goes a long way – learned that the hard way!

    Happy (your) Friday!

  5. Olive oil if it’s something savory – canola if not.

  6. those blackberry’s look delicious. I don’t like them, but they do look good.

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