Slippery When Wet

Woohoo – it’s the end of humpday!

I loved reading all of your hair routines. I am pretty low maintenance – wash, dry, done. I usually let it air dry most of the way because I hate drying my hair THAT much, plus I know air drying is a bit better for it. I know my hair would look a lot better with some curling, ironing, twirling and whirling, but it just takes so long! I need my own hair person to make me pretty every morning, and I haven’t convinced Nick to do that for me yet.

I think Roxy would help, but she doesn’t have thumbs, so that would be tough.


Not to mention that this is the look I usually get from her and she’s lazier than I am  :)

I planned on this awesome stick-to-my-ribs snack since we had BodyPump after work – I was just glad I was actually hungry for it! I guess my lunch was mostly veggies, so I was ready for this at 3 pm.


I took some fat free plain yogurt and topped it with some sliced strawberries, blackberries, and this:


I love that this bar has whole almonds in it! Yum. I also need to remember to crumble granola bars over yogurt/oats/anything instead of just eating them by themselves. This seemed like a huge amount of “granola” on my yogurt, but I could probably eat that granola bar as-is in 4 bites. I like that it stretched out the enjoyment but I knew I only have a serving, too.

So – ready for BodyPump, right? Snack eaten, workout clothes on….and I worked it out in Kroger instead  :)  Neither Nick or I were really feeling like BodyPump tonight: We had some more errands to run before our crazy weekend, it was gloomy and rainy, and we kind of convinced each other to not go tonight. It actually worked out good – I missed the class, but I had so much stuff to do tonight, so I’m glad we came home.

We ran to Kroger to buy a few things for next week so Sunday night won’t be so crazy. I was planning on running once we got home if it wasn’t raining, but of course it was. It slacked off a bit so we went outside and played some b-ball with our two neighbor boys across the street – 20 minutes of heart pumping activity is better than nothing! I was sweating and I was playing horribly, but it was fun. I’m blaming the bad playing on the fact that it was wet and the ball was slippery (come on, Sarah – I’m waiting for it!)

I came in from playing and made a dish for a work lunch tomorrow – I’m glad I got that done earlier tonight. Otherwise, I would have probably remembered in the middle of LOST and have to make it then.

We had easy dinners tonight and ate the leftovers of the Sweet, Hot, and Sour Chicken with brown rice and the rest of the asparagus/radish salad.


The pineapple is my favorite part.

I think this dish got hotter while sitting – I guess it soaked up that hot chile garlic paste – my mouth was on fire after eating dinner.

I’m off to research a possible dessert for tomorrow and get ready for LOST *cue creepy music*

Oh, and these also might happen, too –



What’s your favorite end-of-the-day snack when you’re hungry?


  1. The BEST end of the day snack for me is cereal and milk… in fact, I want some NOW!

  2. Ooh great question! I love tofu pudding latly but I also love candy. :)
    Your hair looks great btw!

  3. My usual end of the night snack is a kashi granola bar or a yogurt…but I rarely eat at night since I eat dinner super late!

    Dinner looks great!! I want to try the asparagus and radish dish!!

  4. I love crumbling bars in my yogurt as an afternoon and evening snack. So filling and nutritious!

  5. Good question! Usually some low-fat yogurt or ice cream :)

    Hope you’re doing well, Brandi. I’m behind on so many of your posts!

  6. PB and chocolate chips…ahhh

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