Hair is Did, Lunch is Ate

I just want to apologize ahead of time for my un-photogenic lunch. At least it tastes good!

This morning has been pretty good – pretty busy at work, the normal stuff, and a crummy day outside which seems to be our norm now.

I had a hard boiled egg to hold me through my lunchtime hair appointment.


My bangs were getting on my very last nerve so I went in and had all my hair cut so I can look somewhat presentable in graduation photos this weekend –


I can see! It’s so nice to not have hairs poking me in the eye all day long.

Yes, my hair flips out on one side of my head and under on the other – I’m too lazy to straighten it, so I deal.

Lunch today was really tasty but not so pretty.


This is the last “Gimme that big fat zucchini (that’s what she said)” from last night, plus the last of my stovetop beefy green beans and about 1 Tbsp of random corn I found in the fridge, just to brighten it up.

I also had the last of my steamed broccoli and cauliflower.


Of course, as many times as I thought in my head “Pack a knife for the zucchini today”, I did not. It will not be easy to eat that with just a fork.

What’s your hair routine?


  1. Hey Brandi! It’s Jess from Charlottesville! We changed our blog name AGAIN!! Just wanted to let you know! Now its finalized!!

    I know you are a sports lover too, the boyfriend will be covering a lot of sports on it too!

    Oh goodness. My hair is very wavy but VERY FEW PEOPLE have seen it like that!! I blow it dry and straighten at night. The restraighten with straightening balm in the morning for like 15 mins. It sucks!!! I just look horrible with my wild hair!

  2. Cute!!

    I normally wash, blow dry and go. If I am feeling jazzy, I can put some junk in it to make it look more edgey.

  3. My hair also flips in on one side, out on the other! Maddening! hahaha

  4. Your hair looks great!

    I’m very wash-and-go – my hair is thick, wavy, and fine. On rare occasions I will take the time to blow dry it straight and then use a straightening iron, but I’m too lazy to do that every day.

    PS — I may have another recipe using panchphoran for you!

  5. Love your hair – especially the flip!

    And my hair routine is sooo low maintenance, I only wash it once a week (gasp, I know), but since it’s so bleached it stays really dry. And I try to avoid hair dryers & flat irons… I’ve been able to keep my really long hair really healthy which I love!

  6. wash and condition daily. spray with frizz reducing spray, pump up volume with mousse. blowdry upside down. pin up bangs and sides while applying makeup. straighten hair in layers. spray, spray, spray. put on smile and walk out the door.

    somewhere in there, i do get dressed. usually after i put on smile.


  7. Your hair looks great! I’ve become such a wash-and-wear kinda girl. I have thick, wavy hair, and spent high school, college, and grad school wrestling with a hair dryer and flat iron. Recently, I’ve come to terms with the natural texture of my hair, though I do sometimes straighten it.

  8. Your hair looks to cute!
    My hair routine in the summer is super easy. Shower, air dry until it’s slightly damp, put mousse in it, scrunch it up, and watch it curl. Too easy! But I do wish I had straight hair most of the time!

  9. Your eats look good!

    Me? I am so low maintenance – its lucky I BRUSH my hair when I leave the house!

    And I really only wear makeup for special occassions – I am lucky to be blessed with really nice skin – I am 41 and still get carded EVERY time I buy liquor – nice!

  10. Your hair looks so good!! Fixing mine involves a hair dryer with a round brush attachment. I’m not coordinated enough to use a brush and dryer. No. I had to have them combined in one appliance!

  11. Cute Brandi…love the hair. I like mine straightened, but I’m too lazy. It takes forever, and so unless they do it in the salon, I stick with my funky natural wave/curl (read frizz). :)

    Sad I missed the Zucchini Ball naming contest, but I love the winning name – good choice!

  12. The hair looks great! I had to comment because my hair does the same thing – in on one side and out on the other. I call it the “wind tunnel effect”! I do straighten it now, because it is shorter and drives me crazy if I don’t.

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