Hungry, Hangry Morning

I wasn’t just hungry this morning – I was hangry! I decided last night what I was going to have for breakfast this morning and was looking forward to it.

2 over easy eggs over oatbran with that chile garlic sea salt – it is so good!


Plus a big bowl of fruit


and the usual cup of milk



Why is breakfast so good? Morning meals are definitely my favorite part of every day – it doesn’t hurt that it’s starting to be lighter in the morning and I can hear the birds going crazy now, chirping non-stop outside our windows.

What’s your favorite part of Spring?

I love that everything is turning green again! I was so tired of seeing brown….the trees are filling in on the mountains, the grass is green and lush, and the flowers are blooming.


  1. Glad you are enjoying the salt!

    I love every part of spring except the rain!! If I had to pick one favorite part, it would be the beautiful blooms on the trees.

  2. You reminded me that I have kiwi at home! I’ll have to have some when i get home today!

  3. My favorite part of spring is BASEBALL season!! I’m such a tomboy at heart!

    You always have the BEST looking fruit! Do you get it at a grocery store or a farmers market??

    • Hi Jess! This fruit is all from the grocery store, actually. I love getting stuff from our farmer’s markets, but I didn’t get to go since we were out of town this past weekend.

  4. I love your breakfasts! So colorful and balanced :-)

    Fave part of spring is definitely the leaves on the trees—the park looks so stark without them!

  5. Besides my birthday, seeing the flowers bloom and taking walks in the park!

  6. I love the warm days when I don’t have to drag a coat around with me!!

    Chile garlic sea salt sounds so yummy! Your breakfast looks awesome, as always!

  7. I love seeing the green and the smell of a fresh cut lawn!

    I am going to have to find that chile sea salt!!

  8. I love blooming of everything! It’s truly a reawakening!

  9. I’m with you. My favorite part of Spring is waking up to the sound of chirping birds. In fact, I mentioned that to a good friend of mine yesterday morning(loooong before I read your blog) so he took some chirping bird video and texted it to me.

    Where did you get chile garlic sea salt?

    • Hi Amy!

      Beadie, from What I Ate Yesterday, brought the chile garlic salt to me, but I think she got it from the Dollar Tree? I’m pretty sure.

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