Coffee and Anniversary Plans!

Thank goodness it’s already lunch time – I have some things to do this afternoon at work that should keep me busy until 5 pm, so I’m hoping the afternoon flies by.

Nick’s dad was in town for a committee meeting this morning, so Nick and I left work for about an hour to have a coffee break with him – it was fun. Seeing family whenever possible is important to us, so I’m glad we got to spend some time talking before he headed back home. I was really in the mood for a latte and this place has really great coffee, so I ordered a fat free latte with sugar free peppermint and chocolate in it.


Well, I didn’t drink it sideways ,but the picture won’t flip for me. Maybe it’s showing how I felt before I had my coffee?  :)

For some reason, the sugar free coffee syrups don’t seem to bother my stomach at all, but other sugar free/no sugar added stuff really bothers me sometimes – have you noticed this with anything? I’m glad it didn’t make me feel bad, but I wonder why these don’t bother me and some other sugar free stuff does. I’ve been trying to just stay away from it period, but I do like it in my coffee every now and then.

After getting back to work for a few hours, Nick and I ate lunch in my office while deciding what to do for our 5 year wedding anniversary at the end of the month! I can’t believe it’s so close. I think we’ve figured out what we’re doing, but I have to call about some details to make sure. So exciting!

I used up the leftovers of the Peppery Pineapple Pork and couscous in the fridge – otherwise it would get forgotten.


It was still really good today – the pineapple was super sweet.

I also had some steamed broccoli and cauliflower and an apple to round out my meal.



The rain seems to be holding off right now – I hope it stays that way because I want to run and Nick wants to actually be able to cut the grass today. It’s been raining so much that he hasn’t been able to and the grass is going crazy!

What’s your favorite sweetener?

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  1. !!! 5 years?! that’s amazing congratulations!

  2. 5 years!! awesome.
    My fave sweetener(s): raw or brown sugar :-)

  3. Oh wow, that pineapple pork looks delicious!

  4. I really like agave or stevia

  5. My favorite sweetener is honey!

  6. mmm, peppermint chocolate latte. that is my kind of coffee!

    and i can’t believe you’ve been married for 5 years!! (I say that like I’ve known you for all of them, haha.) That’s crazy. Congratulations!

    (and p.s. oatmeal is often the only thing that gets me out of bed, too. not sad at all!! but i’m biased …)

    • Haha – thanks! I feel like I’ve know you longer than I actually have, too, especially considering I haven’t even met you in person!

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