Please Buy our Junk

Happy Saturday! We’ve been up for about 3.5 hours already, sitting out trying to sell our stuff. Nick and I have actually had pretty good luck and have sold most of the stuff we brought, so I’m pretty happy. No bites on the truck, though, but there’s still a few hours to go! I have not been able to walk around to the othern neighborhood and take pictures of how crazy it is here – it’s really overcast and has started raining a few times, so I do not want to walk over there and end up stuck in a downpour. This neighborhood wide yard sale is huge, though. They are only allowed to have yard sales on 2 days of the year, once in May and once in September, so the roads in some places are pretty much shut down. People sell drinks and hot dogs in their yards and there are hundreds and hundreds of people walking around. Compared to other yard sales I’ve been to, these ones are the busiest I’ve ever seen. People travel from all over to come shop here on these weekends – we had a lady buy our lawnmower today that lives in West Virginia!

It’s been a busy morning, so while Bob and I sat outside, Nick and him mom worked on breakfast for us. We had some coffee while sitting out there earlier this morning, but breakfast was really good and I was hungry.


Nick cooked up some fresh bacon we got at the amish market yesterday, and Cindy made some french toast with this amazing cinnamon sourdough bread from the market. I had a little bit of the fruit salad last night on the side and a big glass of water inbetween cups of coffee  :)


The best part of this bread is there are these big gooey pockets of cinnamon sugar that ooze out once you cut into it – so good.

Well, I better get back out there before they come looking for me! I’m not sure what else is on the agenda for today; we might be heading back home this afternoon, so I may not be able to post again until tonight. I’m thinking lunch will be tasty, though.

I hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

Anybody need a truck? :)


  1. Good luck selling stuff!!!

  2. That is so cool that it’s such a big event! Hope all goes well!
    And mmmmmm that looks delicious for breakfast!

  3. Good luck! My neighborhood doesn’t allow garage sales…the neighbors are a tad snobby about how it “looks.” You breakfast looks great. Made me hungry =) Enjoy the rest of your day

  4. yummm, I’ve never seen cinnamon sourdough bread before and it sounds like something I would love! good luck with the yard sale :)

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