Less Gas, More Cash

3/4 tank of gas in gas-guzzlin’ truck: $30.00

Hours on the road within 36 hours: 5

Making more money than you spent? Priceless.


Well…I guess we probably didn’t make more than we originally spent on our stuff , but we sold almost everything! We still have the truck, and we were hoping to sell it, but you just never know with vehicles. We actually sold more than either one of us thought, which was great! We didn’t have as much stuff to pack on the way home today  :)  It was definitely a short trip, but Nick had to be back today to learn how to use the sound system at church, so we headed back home around 2 this afternoon.

After packing up all of the leftover yard sale stuff for Mercy House to pick up, we went inside for lunch. This morning seemed so long! We sat out there from around 6 am – noon and there were still people driving by when we left at 2!

Nick’s mom made us some grilled cheese sandwiches on some fresh whole wheat bread and smoked cheddar from the Amish market – this cheese makes the best grilled cheeses.


We sliced up one red and one yellow tomato from the produce stand to have with the sandwiches, and also had some grapes.




2 hours later, we were pulling into the church parking lot and found out the vehicle that usually brings the trailer with all the sound stuff in it wouldn’t start, so it was good thing we got there! Nick drove us over to pick up the trailer and bring it back so they could set up the system. While Nick was working on that, I took the truck and did the grocery shopping since we were still out in town. Nick was just about done when I finished, so we headed home.

I wanted something easy tonight since we had to unpack the truck, put the groceries away, start on laundry, etc, so I picked up a Kashi pizza to try. We’d never had one before and it turned out to be the perfect dinner.

We each had a salad tonight – I was lacking in the veggie department today, so mine was a big salad in my “popcorn” bowl: local greens, tomato, red onion, olive oil/balsamic/rosemary seasoning:


Kroger only had 2 of the Kashi flavors in stock tonight, so I picked up the Five Cheese Tomato Pizzaand we doctored it up a bit with some more veggies.

I added red onion and cremini mushrooms to my 1/3 of the pizza:


I loved the crust and the sauce – this pizza had really great flavor on its own, but I did really like the addition of the mushrooms. The crust was the perfect mix of crunch + chew.


I just started a load of laundry to get a head start on everything I need to do tomorrow, and I’m probably about to have some of this…


I am not eating it fast enough! It takes up so much room in my freezer  :)


  1. Oh my gosh, that grilled cheese looks amazingly tasty! And pizza love! AND AND AND ice cream!!!!!!!

  2. lovely pizza! And I haven’t had grilled cheese in forever!

  3. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! You are a sweetheart to think of me ;)

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  5. Glad the yard sale was a hit!!

  6. Too bad about the truck… at least the rest of the sale went well, and you got to have amazing grilled cheese!

  7. Brandi,
    Glad the yard sale went well – I love cleaning out the house and getting rid of stuff I don’t use or need anymore. I’m not a fan of clutter at all!

    Yummy cheese filled day. I grew up on grilled cheese and pizza…your post brought back many a memory for me.

    Hope you’re having a good Sunday. Enjoy some of that ice-cream for me. Wouldn’t want it taking up all that room in your freezer. :)

  8. Save me a bite of the Samoa ice cream!!!! I want to try it!!! Oh I tried the bubble gum ice cream @ pungo pizza last night…it was pretty good!!

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