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Wow – first, I am so thankful for all of your comments on my post from last night – I just finally turned my computer on and saw what everyone had written, and I really appreciate all the advice, stories, and encouragement you all had to offer. I see that there are some of you that are in the same boat and having some of the same feelings I am – I hope that we all find our next step and enjoy the journey, whatever that may be.

Today has been a full day and a fun one. Our drive was pretty good – not too bad of traffic and it really didn’t rain much, thank goodness.

We ended up driving straight to Nick’s mom’s work to meet some of her coworkers and head out for lunch. We went to a little place called the Barbeque Ranch -I should have tried to get some pictures inside the place! There are so many pig figurines, pictures, everything – they’re everywhere!

I wasn’t sure what else was going to be on the schedule today and I wasn’t horribly hungry, so I kept it pretty light at lunch with a tossed salad and a grilled chicken sandwich.


Any place that puts bacon on a tossed salad is a good place to eat. Swine flu, shwine flu. I’ve had some type of pork 4 meals in a row now  :)


We got back from lunch and then I headed out to the Amish Market with Nick’s mom to pick up a few things. I got the most random stuff today, but I did need most of it:

  • whole wheat couscous
  • Israeli couscous
  • smoked cheddar
  • jumpin’ jack cheese
  • olive oil
  • tomatillos from the produce stand for a dinner this weekend – I’m super excited I found fresh ones!

While we were walking around I got a blended fat free mocha – it was good. I should remember this at this coffee place! I really wanted a latte, but I was just too hot to order a hot drink in there.


After a quick trip to the grocery store for a few things, we headed back to the house to start on dinner and start setting up for the yard sale tomorrow. Nick’s dad grilled some chicken while Nick put together a salad, and Nick’s mom made a fruit salad with this amazing cantaloupe we got from the produce stand today. Somehow I ended up not helping? Not sure how that happened  :)


With a slice of fresh whole wheat bread and honey butter? It was good. I enjoyed every bite.

We just got back from Kohl’s for some shopping for Nick and I just ate my Polly inspired snack:


Banana + almond butter + glass of cold milk = I will sleep good tonight  :)

See you in the morning for a fun breakfast and crazy yard sale pics!

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  1. your snack looks fantastic! LOVE it!

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