Not A Repeat

Well, I ended up not needing my green smoothie for a morning snack – go oatmeal! Now I know why I love you so much. I’ll probably end up having it this afternoon so I can have all that green power fuel me through my run – and let’s hope it doesn’t start raining!

I actually have a new lunch for today – great for me since I was getting tired of the bulgur stuff and good for you since…well, the same pictures 4 times in a week surely isn’t exciting.

I brought a slice of our pork loin along with some of the grain pilaf we had with it.


Plus the last of those frozen broccoli/cauliflower/carrots in cheese sauce I bought a few weeks ago with a coupon. They’re actually pretty good and at least a little different than the veggies I bring every day.


Sadly, the end of the bag was mostly microwaved mushy carrots which aren’t my favorite. I kind of ate all the broccoli around them. Good thing I have my green smoothie for this afternoon – I’m gonna need it!

And some never ending fruit. Yum. I wish I could grow my own pineapple here. But I’m pretty sure our weather is not conducive to growing tropical fruits.


I am sore, sore, sore from BodyPump, so I’m not sure what is on my 15 MMC agenda for today besides stretching. While sitting in my chair  :) . I really think my triceps almost just popped out of the back of my arms last night – it was crazy. But I can feel my muscle, which makes me happy.

Since it’s kind of gross today, Nick and I just ate inside and then went to Books-a-Million to walk around and use up the rest of the lunch hour – I like being able to get out of the office for at least a few minutes every day, just to have a break from sitting in my chair at my desk. I saw the new James Patterson book and I need it! I’ve read that entire Women’s Murder Club series and I’ve been waiting for his new one to come out. I think I may have to buy it for our crazy long road trip next weekend.

Do you eat at your desk and stay at work during lunch, or do you go out?

Sometimes we end up staying here depending on what is going with work, but I like to try to get out at least for a little bit. I just need that break in my day!


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  1. I work at home now! But, when I was in an office, I always went out at lunch. Really helps to cope with being trapped inside all day.

  2. I eat at my desk. Sadly, where I work, there just isn’t another option. What is even sadder is that I at least have a desk to eat at. The rest of the staff stand in the kitchen or around the ice bin.

  3. Oh man when I used to do body pump it KILLED me for at least 2 days! It works so so good doesnt it? Hope it doesnt rain for your run!

  4. Ugh I eat at my desk most of the time but then use the rest of my hour to get outside, if I sat at my desk the whole hour I’d lose my mind!
    Hope the rain holds off for your run!

  5. It depends what the weather is like, during the summer, we sometimes like to eat outside. Other than that though, sometimes we have to eat at our desk doing work, or together in the “dinning/kitchen” room. LOL

  6. I do eat at my desk. But only because it’s convenient. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s hard to go elsewhere. I do try and get out of the office at least once a day though – at the very least to walk around.

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