Flat is the New Hot

For me, anyways! Since I’m having the same lunch again today (curry bulgur dish, broccoli, cantaloupe/pineapple), I thought I would show the shoes I got for Honduras instead of showing the same food pics again.



I think they’ll be comfy and easy to take to Honduras  – with these for most of the days, plus a pair of flip flops for traveling, I should be good with only 2 pairs of shoes. I just need to find some of those really short socks to take with me.

I do love heels, and I have some really comfy pairs, but there is just something I love about cute flats! These are some of my favorites:


Snake print flats from Payless


Purple satin from Ann Taylor Loft


Leopard flats from Belk?


Black / white / baby blue flats from Gap

I used to have a pair of hot pink sling backs and red patent peep toes, but I wore them both out, basically. I need some new red shoes – every girl needs red shoes, right?

What is your favorite pair of shoes you have? Comfy or not  :)

I love flats, but my sister bought me what I called “Lucy” shoes because they looked like a pair of pumps that would be on “I Love Lucy”: black and light pink polka dot, peep toe, with a bow. I loved them, but they were SO painful.  I miss those shoes, but I couldn’t wear them for very long.


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  2. My favorite shoes are my ruby red flats that sparkle. They are just like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz. There’s no place like home!

  3. Those shoes are are so cute! All of them!

  4. Love your flats! I’m a total shoe girl. My current fave is my pair of mary jane-esque pumps from J.Crew that are calf hair and leopard print. They’re so stacked though, it hurts to walk in them!

  5. OH my gosh, I LOVE FLATS!!

  6. Not sure how good they will be for roofing….


  7. My faves are my brown flats, but they hurt my feet after awhile, too! Apparently a little heel is better for you . . .

  8. My faves are bright red patent leather peep toe heels… LOVE THEM and have hardly worn them :)

  9. Why did I never picture you as a shoe girl? I guess all girls are shoe girls!

    I love the shoes you chose for your trip! My favorite shoes are my rainbow flip flops :)

  10. Cute shoes. Where do the first ones come from ?

  11. Cute shoes!

    My friend just gave me this pair of shoes that was too big for her – they are called Rocket Dog. I absolutely love them. Will take a pic soon.

  12. I really love flats but unfortunately, my feet usually require more support and not as cute shoes. But when I really want to wear cute shoes it’s my steve madden snake skin flats! :)

  13. Very cute flats – I gave up stilettos after college ;) My favorite pair of shoes are my Rainbow flip flops – I’ve had ’em for over 5 years!

  14. I LOVE flats! I have wide feet, so shopping for shmancy heels is difficult!

    My favorite shoes are my black Rocketdog flats. Cute AND great for biking!

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