Can't Live Without You

Good morning – it’s humpday already! I’m excited for another nice, busy day so it will fly by.

I know I had eggs yesterday morning, but it’s just not the same when they’re not runny – I think I have a problem. I just have to have runny eggs every couple of days….or more. They’re so satisfying.

I put my eggs on some oatbran this morning, and had some kiwi and strawberries on the side.




Plus a cup of milk



I was looking forward to this breakfast so much, and I’m glad I made it. It’s so filling, plus it’s fun to eat the runny eggs  :)

Do you play with your food / eat certain things certain ways?

If I’m not weird enough already, I usually eat my oatmeal around the edges first and save all the fun toppings (especially chocolate!) for the last few bites – just to maximize the fun.

Also, with my eggs and grits or oatbran, I eat one egg at a time, but I eat around the yolk and then leave some grits/oatbran underneath the yolk so it “catches” all the runny-ness once I break it open. I don’t want to lose any of that stuff!


  1. What a great breakfast!
    I always eat one thing at a time like if I have chicken and veggies I always eat all the veggies, then the chicken.

  2. i always eat around the edges, too!! i like ending up with a big pile of nut butter and fun toppings in the middle :-). except with baked goods — i like to save the crispy edges for last!

  3. you are so cute, Brandi! I love eggs too, but prefer them hard boiled, but still warm. I eat them with a dash of sea salt standing at the kitchen sink saying mmm.

    I think I am a little spazzy how I eat my banana with almond butter. I love to add GLOBS of it, so I either slice is long ways and make a smooshy sandwich that I have to lick several times to avoid it running down out the is sides… or I love to just dump a huge ball of almond butter in a bowl and then knife on huge hunks of it with each bite, saving some of the almond butter for the end by itself, as that is like heaven in smoosh form. :)

    Love you!

  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if I said – no. I don’t play with my food at all. ?

    I have weird ways of eating things too :)

  5. You made me laugh. I kind of save my oatmeal toppings for last too. I don’t like to just mix it all in. I’d rather arrange perfect little bites with all of the components visible so I get maximum enjoyment! Hee hee!

    I definitely have weird ways of eating things too. I don’t like to chew chocolate. I want to wait to let it melt on my tongue. I also eat my sandwiches from the outside edges in because I figure the best stuff is all in the middle.

  6. I actually mix my oat bran and eggs all up. I have always done it that way. In my family, they actually eat rice with runny and and mush it all up together. I always take my picutre BEFORE I do that because mushed up isn’t as pretty :)

    Glad you liked the cookies!

  7. I always mix my ice cream into a thick soup — drives dh crazy.

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