Weighed and Watered

Well, our run didn’t happen, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

This afternoon was pretty good – I worked on my report and just about have it finished! I’m hoping to get it done tomorrow, and I think I’ll be able to regardless of whatever else comes in tomorrow.

I got hungry this afternoon so I snacked on a mix of dried peach, dried apricots, and a few dried strawberries to hold me over. They were so sweet and chewy – it was just what I needed, and just enough to get me home and into my busy evening.


We had to stop and fill up the car on the way home, and as soon as I got back, I changed clothes and went to weigh in for the month. Thank goodness that’s done! I don’t know how May is going to be (besides busy!) so I’m glad I got it done. By the time I got home, Nick was up working in the garden, so instead of going running, we just decided to work a bit in the garden before heating up dinner. Yeah, I probably should have gone running, but it was almost 7 pm by then and I was starving. I know I’ll get to go later this week and I’m not training for anything so no biggie.

Nick took care of the weeds in the garden and I watered the peas and tomatoes. It’s been dry + hot the last couple of days, so our little plants were parched! I watered them really good. I think we’re supposed to get some more rain this week, so I hope they perk up soon. I want some veggies  :)

Dinner tonight was leftovers of the pasta dish, but I decided to be even lazier and just make a mountain of my meal.


I layered about a cup of green beans on the bottom of my bowl, topped it with a serving of the red pepper pasta, and drizzled it with a little olive oil, parsley, and crushed red pepper. On top of spaghetti…is it stuck in your head now?  It’s stuck in mine!

I’d been waiting for this treat all day. I had already decided that I was going to have this tonight, so I’ve been thinking about it since this morning.


It’s my first food EVER from Whole Foods – I know, right? What took me so long?  :) We don’t have a Whole Foods here, or a Trader Joe’s for that matter, so I miss out on a lot! Beadie was nice enough to bring me a little “Richmond” goodie bag this weekend and these chocolate chewies were included. They are so super cocoa-y and crumbly. I love the deep chocolate flavor in these. Thanks Beadie!

I’m off to pack my lunch for tomorrow and have a lazy night on the couch with Nick and Roxy.

If you have a Whole Foods / Trader Joe’s, what are your favorite things to get? I need ideas for when I do get to go  :)


  1. I love TJ’s meatballs (they have turkey and meatless as well) because they are cheap, easy and tasty…Their PB and almond butter are great too!

    TJ’s also has really good selection of cheeses at a reasonable price, as well as cereals!

    WF is great, but totally out of the price range of my college budget…but I go there for the samples :)

  2. I have actually never tried dried strawberries before. They look neat! :P
    And mmm dinner looks AMAZING!

  3. Nice picture of the pasta- looks yummy!! I’ll have to think about the whole foods one- I generally only get specialty items there- but I LOVE their salad bar and the organic meat selection! Trader Joe’s – I like their frozen gnocchi, french string beans, cereals and dried fruits and the peanut butter :)

  4. At Whole Foods I love stocking up on good cereals and food from their prepared cases.
    I also stock up on protein powder and KOMBUCHA!

  5. I love love love dried strawberries!!! That little fruit mix looks so tasty.
    My favorite thing about WF is the 365 brand stuff (so cheap!) and the SAMPLES! TJ = best (and cheapest) fruit/nut mixes and nut butter.

  6. OMG. That looks outstanding.

    For some reason, I don’t think I knew you were on WW. How much weight did you lose?

    I love the granola/nuts section at Whole Foods and always get items in bulk!

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