Shoes Accomplished!

This day is just flying by – I’m hoping the afternoon will, too. It seems like the afternoons usually go by so much slower. I have a big report I’m working on for work, so I’m hoping that will speed up my afternoon a bit.

Lunch was more of my chicken curry bulgur dish and broccoli



Plus some cantaloupe and pineapple


Lunch was really good, and I’m happy to say my big breakfast stuck with me really well! I didn’t really start getting hungry for lunch until about ten minutes to 12, which is awesome.

15 MMC Update:
I totally forgot to post this yesterday! I didn’t get as much done as I wanted during the day, but I did walk downstairs to wash out my mug instead of staying upstairs (where our offices are). Plus, Nick and I ate outside and walked over to the gazebo area to eat and then I walked around Target for at least 15 minutes  – does that count?

Today I’ve gone downstairs a few times to use the bathroom instead of the one around the corner and am hoping to get outside for a bit again at lunch. We’ll see if anything else happens this afternoon. I would love to read over my info for my report while walking outside, but I’m not sure I can swing that.

In blogland news:
– Are you a super planner? Make sure to check out Tina’s plan-tastic giveaway!
– The Fitnessista is not only giving away a cookbook, but also something else that is totally worth checking out

I’ve got a busy afternoon and evening tonight-

  • Monthly weigh in for WW tonight since I’ll be gone just about every weekend this month
  • Run!
  • Eat dinner
  • Enjoy my special treat tonight – I’m looking forward to it

In Shoe News, I found a pair at TJMaxx at lunch!

I got these, I think, or they’re close to it, anyways.


Only $25, too! Sweet!


  1. Cute shoes! I’m sure they will be really comfy!

  2. Awh, those are adorable!!!

  3. I love TJMaxx!! What cute shoes!

    I hope your weigh in goes well, and that you totally enjoy your special treat to the fullest! :-)

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