Almost Complete Breakfast

I ran out of time this morning!  I was doing so good getting ready, but breakfast took a bit longer to make than I expected – it was really good though.

I’d say we had a pretty complete breakfast this morning, minus some fruit, but I’ll have some of that with lunch.



I made us some egg/egg white scrambles with spinach, asparagus, and cheese. Nick cooked up some bacon, and I had a piece of bread that Beadie brought me this weekend (yum!) and a sliced tomato.



I love big breakfasts. I wish I had the time for this every morning. It just starts my day off right!

Nick also made some coffee this morning, so I had that once I got to work.



Perfection in a travel mug.

Break is over – back to work!

What’s your favorite omelet filling?

9 Responses to “Almost Complete Breakfast”

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    Danielle — April 28, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat that way every morning!?
    My favorite omlet filling is definitely peppers or onions!

  2. #
    Sharon — April 28, 2009 at 9:35 am

    Broccooooollliii =D
    Delicious morning!

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    Clare @ Clare's Two Steps Forward — April 28, 2009 at 9:36 am

    mushrooms and spinach. yummy =)

    Have a great week!

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    fitforfree — April 28, 2009 at 9:39 am

    spinach, mushrooms, and avocado!!

  5. #
    Beadie — April 28, 2009 at 9:41 am

    I’m a purist. My favorite filling is cheese.

    Glad you liked the bread!

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    verbalriot — April 28, 2009 at 10:08 am

    LOVE cheese, spinach and mushrooms in omlettes!

    I also enjoy long, big breakfast and wish I had time to enjoy it every morning!

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    Rose — April 28, 2009 at 10:54 am

    Spinach and mushrooms!

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    Melissa @ For the Love of Health — April 28, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Mmmm Eggs :-) What a great looking breakfast~

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    CaSaundra — April 28, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    I add about a cup of frozen stir-fry veggies(thawed of course!various pepper strips/onions), a handful of chopped fresh mushrooms and sometimes I will throw in some pineapple! Sounds kinda wacky, but it can turn any omelet into a tropical treat =)

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