Target Takes up Too Much Time

Happy end to your Monday! I am so glad today is over  :)  I think we have some plans for this weekend, and I’m excited about them. It should be a good rest of the week.

Nick and I ate lunch outside today since it was beautiful, in the 80s, and a little breezy.

I had some of my lunch dish for this week: Curry Chicken Bulgur Salad (recipe coming later)


Some broccoli – look how much prettier it is in fresh sunlight! Too bad I can’t bottle this light and take it with me everywhere!


Plus some pineapple and cantaloupe


We ran over to Target to get out of the office for a while, so by the time I got back, I didn’t have time to blog at lunch. I get so sidetracked  by everything at Target! I go in thinking “I’m going to look at this and this”, but then I end up in like 5 other sections somehow. I did restrain from buying anything today – I found some cute sandals, but couldn’t really decide if I wanted them or not, so I put them back. If they’re meant to be, they’ll be there the next time I’m there. Plus, if I’m going to buy shoes, I really need to get a pair of cute tennis shoes (the ones that don’t really look like tennis shoes) for Honduras. Any suggestions?  I think I have to wear skirts everyday, so I want a pair of comfy shoes I can wear with everything – maybe some that don’t have to be laced up?

I figured we would be running once we got home, so I packed a snack to have around 3 pm today – and it was good.


I packed about 1/2 -3/4 cup fat free plain yogurt, the last 8 raspberries, and one of my oatmeal bars that I baked this weekend. Don’t worry – I’ll post the revised recipe soon  ;) It only had one difference, but they turned out great!

Obviously, I saved the most chocolatey bites for last.

It was perfect running weather today – honestly, if there wasn’t a breeze, it would have just been hot! But we had just enough of a breeze to make it really nice. We ran about 3.25 miles in a little over 30 minutes. That’s about normal for me, but I looked and my pace on the 3rd mile was 9:11! I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever run so far! I think it’s the kelly green running gear  :)  Maybe just because it’s my favorite color?

Dinner tonight was a tried and true recipe, with one change.


I made Ellie Kreiger’s Fettuccine with Creamy Red Pepper-Feta Sauce, but used about 1 Tbsp fat free feta and .5 oz of the cheese curds we got at the farmer’s markets last week. It turned out great! I also added some roasted garlic chicken sausages to the pasta for some protein and a bag of steamed green beans on the side.

Easy and good! I like Ellie Kreiger’s recipes – every one I’ve tried has turned out really good.

I’m off to catch up on blog before the How I Met Your Mother comes on.


What are your most comfortable pair of shoes?

my running shoes are pretty comfy, but I have this one pair of brown snake print flats from payless that are SO comfy! I don’t know why they’re so comfortable, but I could wear them everyday.


  1. Oh wow, those look amazing!!! All of it! I totally want some of that Curry Chicken Bulgur Salad!!!

  2. Converse low tops are my go-to shoes for everyday (outside of work that is!). I love them and they go with a lot. I know they have slip on versions so I would suggest looking at those. That’s my shoe suggestion. :)

  3. The Rocket Dogs I was wearing this weekend are very comfortable and they don’t have to be laced up, they actually just slide on. The pattern I was wearing was a little edgy to wear with everything but they come in plain colors too. I love them for running around in.

  4. My reef flip flops are so comfy I love them and I want to buy a new pair soon!

  5. Your meals always look so good – exactly the types of meals I like to make. I love reading your blog for this reason!

    My friend just gave me this pair of shoes that didn’t fit her – they’re the Rocket Dog brand (which I had never heard of until she gave me them). They are super comfy for shoes I didn’t have to buy :)

  6. I love my dansko shoes! But I only have them b/c I wore my Rocket Dogs into the ground :-)
    Love your lunch!! So colorful and yummy!

  7. I love Merrells.

  8. I love Ellie Krieger, I have to get her cookbook! That recipe sounds so yummy :)

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