Super Productive

Happy Sunday! Today has been a good day, but long – after spending all that time this morning putting my 24, 24, 24 post together, I just needed a break from blogging until tonight.

Today started like any normal Sunday here – a big breakast.

I had some eggs and grits


Half a banana, some kiwi, and a few raspberries plus 1 slice of bacon


And a cup of coffee that I drank at home and on the way to church. We ran an errand after church before heading back home for lunch for leftovers. We had a few chicken sausages left from our cookout Friday night, so we grilled those up and I ate the leftover “fries” and zucchini/squash with mine.


Plus a little bit of pineapple and cantaloupe that wouldn’t fit in the containers  :)  Watch out for more never ending fruit this week!


Nick was outside painting a nightstand most of the afternoon, so I was getting stuff done inside. I actually got a lot done!

  • Laundry, done, folded, and put away
  • Clean sheets on the bed
  • House cleaned, thanks to Nick vacuuming the bathroom and finishing it up while I worked on a part of dinner
  • Cut up fruit for this week
  • Made two dishes for our lunches this week

I love when I actually get everything on my list done! It makes Monday seem just a teeny tiny bit better.

I needed a little fuel in between cleaning, laundry, and uh…..watching The Notebook. I’m such a sucker for that movie! It’s like I can’t do anything else if it’s on; I loved the book, I love the story, the actors, everything.


I made myself a cup of chocolate milk so I could sit and watch a few minutes of the movie, and ended up doing the “get up and clean or do whatever during the commercials”  :)

Our dinner tonight was going to be done on the grill, but then we discovered we were out of propane, so it just got moved to the oven.

Pork Loin with Roasted Asparagus and Brown Rice Pilaf


Don’t ask me what’s on the pork – it’s Nick’s super secret marinade  :)  I know he’s written the ingredients down, but I have no clue how much he uses of anything!


I’m off to finish watching Iron Chef – it’s new tonight!


Is there a movie or tv show that you just HAVE to watch if it comes on, no matter how many times you’ve seen it before?

Obviously, “The Notebook” is mine. I just love it! I can’t get enough of it  :) 


Make sure to check out Sweetie Pie’s 100th Post!!! Believe me, you want to :)  Congrats on the 100!

A happy, happy birthday to Caitlin!

Please also continue to send good thoughts and prayers to Jenna and her family


  1. Perfect egg- I’m so jealous- I can NEVER get those right- they always end up a little too cooked, any advice?

    -It’s gotta be pretty woman for me, I love julia!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my 100th post! I’m so excited about my little giveaway. :-)

    You’ve had so much gorgeous fruit today! Wow! That morning bowl looks amazing. In fact, everything looks so good. I love the asparagus!!

  3. My movie I have to watch is What About Bob, I don’t know what it is about it but I love it everytime!

  4. Mmmm, super delicious. I really want one of those chicken sausages. :P

  5. great eats as usual, bran!
    my movie: Love Actually!!

  6. I guess I should put this on the actual post but its so exciting you got to do a 24, 24, 24…looks like it was a great time too!

  7. Just reading your 24-24-24 post – looks like such a cute place with delicious food! Especially that chocolate mousse bombe!

  8. Sounds like a great Sunday :-) I had a productive one, too—it’s so nice to get up on Monday morning and know that you didn’t waste the weekend!!

  9. your roasted veggies always look so good! how do you roast them? like what heat and for how long?

  10. I LOVE the Notebook, and I don’t care who knows it!!!

    I also would watch Dumb and Dumber any time, any where.

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