The Arrival

Well, I totally forgot to take pictures OF my dinner guests or of me and my dinner guests tonight! No worries – I’ll have pictures tomorrow  :)

This afternoon we were running around a bit after work, getting a few last things at the grocery store and picking up around the house. Since we were out of coffee at home, I got an iced latte while we were picking up more at the coffee shop. It was really good, but I did not remember to ask for decaf so I was buzzin’ around like crazy this afternoon!



We prepped dinner, made some tea and picked up the house a little before our guests arrived!  Beadie and her husband are staying in a town close to us, so we had them over for dinner tonight, and it was so much fun! I had met Beadie once before, but I had never met her husband, so it was really nice to sit and eat with them and just talk and get to know both of them better. We have some fun plans tomorrow and a busy day, and I can’t wait.

Nick grilled some awesome bison burgers, plus we had grilled white and sweet potato wedges, and some grilled zucchini and yellow squash.



It was beautiful tonight, so we sat outside on the deck and ate dinner and talked about everything. I wish we lived closer!



They also brought this really good wine that they got today at a winery around here. I had never had a peach wine, but it was very good. It is definitely a great spring/summer wine – very light, but a great peach flavor. I’m going to have to look for this around here, or just make a trip to that winery, too!


I’ve got to get in bed so I have energy for our fun-filled day tomorrow! There should be something interesting in my breakfast post  :)


Hope you’ve had a great Friday – and happy weekend!!!


  1. Burger + grilled vegetables! Yum, what a blast!

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