Beautiful Bluegrass

How’s your Friday going? My day is going pretty well, despite waking up a bit late this morning.

I’m really excited because I’m leaving work a little early to get ready for a fun dinner tonight! Only 2 more hours until the weekend for me  :)

Our friends were out playing music again, so we sat and listened to them while we ate lunch. It is beautiful right now, so we had to get out and enjoy it for a little bit. I think we may have a chance for some showers later today, but I’m hoping they hold off until later tonight.

I packed a chicken/spinach/avocado wrap


Some sliced tomato that wouldn’t fit on my wrap


and an apple


I also brought some steamed broccoli but I couldn’t think of eating anything WARM today. I just wanted a cold meal, so I may have the broccoli later this weekend.

In 15 MMC news, I’ve trekked down to the downstairs bathroom a few times today, which means a few extra times taking the stairs. Since I won’t be in the office too much longer, I gotta get on it! I did a little dancin’ in my seat while we were listening to them play at lunch, does that count?  :)

See you later for a super fun dinner!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Have a great weekend, Brandi! I’m planning to enjoy mine outside as much as possible. It may finally hit 70 degrees here!

  2. Weekend plans = more schoolwork, and hopefully enjoying the sunshine!!

  3. I have an exam on the weekend.. not fun. =(

  4. I have super duper weekend plans!!

    I must be behind in the times. What is 15 MMC?

  5. What a yummy looking wrap!

    I’m meeting some friends for dinner tomorrow night at Art and Soul in DC, and going to a cookout on Sunday. Otherwise, I need to do some laundry and get in a few good workouts. I think it will be a pretty good balance– not too busy, but not too lazy either.

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. i love bluegrass … i’m so jealous you get to experience it live all the time!

    i have a scary (but free!) exercise class in the morning, following by an exciting blogger lunch date, followed by dinner out with my mom and stepdad as they pass through “town” … followed by a sunday spent in solitary confinement doing research for my final paper :P

  7. Yayy for getting out early can’t wait to read about your fun dinner!

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